Those big-money, all-powerful masters of our planet are meeting again for Bilderberg 2015. The action is taking place at the Telfs-Buchen mountain resort in Austria this year. Quite convenient, too, as it is only about 14 miles away from where Barack Obama and the other G-7 leaders met just days before. The attendees cover the full range of political and economic power, from heads of state to senior executives of the largest banks and investment companies. This year, the ultra-secret group even decided to post their agenda and guest list on their very own website! But security is still king, with local police keeping the press and the public well out of sight as the world′s power-brokers chart our planet′s course for the future. So important is this event that there is even a hash-tag on Twitter for it, #Bilderberg2015.

Ah, the Bilderbergers! The kings of conspiracy! Few groups of elites rival them in our lore. For some 63 years now, they have been running the planet, or at least pretending to. The old war horse, Henry Kissinger, who has probably been to more Bilderberg meetings than anyone else, is back to share his thoughts with his cronies. Not only are they selecting who will win the 2016 election here in the USA, but also other matters. Like the bailout of Greece, tensions between NATO and Russia, terrorism, cyber security, and the march of globalization. Added to the agenda this year are artificial intelligence and replacing physical currency with digital cash. The Mark of the Beast is just around corner!

So pack your skis and Masonic apron. Bilderberg 2015 is underway in Austria! Meet the elite and decide the fate of humanity with representatives of the most powerful collection of politics and business around. No passport needed as we are all one, big, happy bunch of globalists. Open borders and open skies! Just bend over and open wide. For more information, check out their website.