The Barack Obama ′War on Police′ continues its nationwide tour as protests begin following the McKinney, Texas cop pool party video. Police Officer Eric Casebolt has been suspended due to the public outrage over a You-Tube video showing him pulling a gun during a scuffle with black teens went viral. About 1,000 protesters, many of which were imported, professional protesters whom have been making the rounds with their ′#BlackLivesMatter′ placards, held a rally on Monday. Mckinney Police Chief Greg Conley caved in and Casebolt is now suspended as an investigation begins over his conduct. Naturally, the Main, or Lame, Street Media are trashing Officer Casebolt for over reacting to the disturbance.

So I happen to watch ′Morning Schmoe′ on MSNBC-LSD today and was not surprised at all by their spin on the incident. Joe Scarborough himself complained about why the police officer would pull his gun at a teenage girl in a bikini? I don′t know what video Joe was watching, but I did not see Officer Casebolt pull his gun out at a teenage girl in a bikini. What I saw was him pulling it out when two young men charged at him from the right and from behind. They got within a few feet of Casebolt, but stopped dead in their tracks and ran away when Casebolt drew his service pistol.

I suppose Joe and Mika would have been happier had the two young men completed their attack on Casebolt and knocked the officer down, grabbed his gun and shot him in the head? As for the teenage girl in the bikini, maybe had she cooperated and complied with Casebolt by lying on the ground face-down and not resisting arrest, maybe he would not have had to sat on her. But no, the mouthy little darling did what ever she could to give the officer a hard time, mouthing off to him and physically resisting arrest. Joe and Mika ask about who trained Casebolt in police tactics? I ask who trained the teenage bikini girl in being a good citizen?

Once again, we have a situation, encouraged by Barack Obama in his ′War on Police′ that has now led to a Texas cop suspended for doing his job at a pool party thanks to a video. At least a dozen police were called to the pool party in McKinney, Texas after it turned violent. When the police arrived, there was chaos everywhere. Officer Eric Casebolt may have been a bit over zealous in trying to restore peace and order, but how does one wrestle with a tornado? Those teenagers were totally out of control. If the cops do nothing, then you have a repeat of what we are now seeing in Baltimore, New York, and other cities where police are afraid of doing their jobs and being charged with trumped-up crimes. The result is real crime, murders, rapes and robberies, being committed by thugs who now feel that they have a free hand to act.