About a year ago, Barack Obama admitted that he did not have a strategy for fighting the Islamic State, also known as ISIL or ISIS. Yesterday, Obama admitted again that he still does not have one! His excuse is that the Pentagon never gave him any, but that is obviously a lie. The Pentagon has a whole room full of shelves loaded with plans to fight anybody. Even zombies and Martians! No, what we really have here is yet another sign of how unqualified Barack Obama is to serve in the White House. Harry Reid was right about one thing, Obama is only fit to carry luggage. Obama has shown what a failure he is at domestic policy, now he′s repeating his circus act on foreign policy.

Take, for example, an event this weekend that has changed the nature of our world. In Yemen, the Iranian-backed Houthie rebels fired a Scud missile into Saudi Arabia. This is something out of an Ian Fleming, James Bond novel. A non-nation group with access to a strategic weapon and using it to spread terror. Not only has the White House said very little on this development, but Obama continues his agenda of giving Iran the time they need to develop a nuclear weapon. Any sane, rational world leader would only negotiate with Iran under the condition that they end their support of the Yemeni rebels. But Obama is neither sane, nor rational, nor is he a leader of any merit.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State continues to grow and fester in Syria, Iraq and now, Libya, too! Every week there are more stories about kidnappings, murders, rapes, and other crimes against humanity performed by ISIS. When they are not beheading Christians or throwing gay men off the roofs of buildings to die, they are raping 10-year old girls or destroying ancient artifacts from history. In Iraq, ISIS is now just outside Baghdad and is beginning a campaign of terrorist bombings inside the city. Yet, Obama is still slow on aiding Iraq, especially in sending arms and ammunition to the Kurds, whom appear to be the only native force willing to fight.

That Barack Obama has no ′complete strategy′ to fight the Islamic State, or ISIL, ISIS, is not news. His admission that he has none is news. Obama blaming his lack of strategy on the Pentagon is almost laughable. It would be a good laugh if it were not proof that America, and the World at large, is in such a dangerous situation due to Obama′s lack of vision and action.