What is better than an alien autopsy? How about a T.Rex autopsy? The National Geographic Channel is running an all Dinosaur Marathon this weekend, ending Sunday night with a T-Rex autopsy. Scientists will carve into a full-scale, anatomically correct replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex! How cool is that? This is bad news for Greg Gutfeld as hardly anyone will be watching his new show on Fox News, even including an interview with Dino Donald Trump. But then, its all part of the Fox media empire.

Who doesn′t love dinosaurs? I have fond memories of going with my dad to the local Sinclair gas station down the street. They often ran promotions giving away cool dinosaur toys with a fill-up. I had the whole set! They were nice toys, too! Good quality plastic and the detail work on the dinosaurs was very thorough. Wish I still had them, but, needless to say, they got tossed out by my mom along with my collections of sports cards and comic books. UGH! If only she had the vision to image eBay in the future. About the only items I managed to hang on to were my boardgames. I would have cried had I lost my copy of the American Heritage game of ″DOGFIGHT″. Ah, the joys of playing a 5-Burst card after doing a barrel-roll.

So if you are a fan of dinosaurs and all geared up with anticipation for the new ″Jurassic World″ movie, you may find some satisfaction this weekend on the National Geographic Channel. NatGeoTV is running a Dinosaur Marathon, leading up to the T.Rex Autopsy on Sunday night. I am looking forward to watching scientists slice into a T-Rex. My only question is, how authentic will the anatomically correct Tyrannosaurus Rex internal organs be? I am curious how they explain that issue. Other than that, it should be Dino-mite television!