Two news stories emerged this week showing how Liberal schools are out of control in teaching sex education. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Gaia Democratic School (Yes! That is the REAL name of the school!) caused an outrage when the school′s director took some of their K-12 students on a field trip to the Smitten Kitten sex store. What a great name for a sex shop! When parents found out about it, many were angry over the field trip. Maybe some were unhappy about not being asked to chaperone? Meanwhile, in Alameda, California, a sophomore class at Encinal High School got a homework assignment to search their homes and take selfies with their parents sex toys. Needless to say, the parents were none too happy about this and demanded that the teacher be fired.

Now, Gaia Democratic is a small, private school, apparently held at a local Universal Unitarian church. The school′s director, one Starri Hedges, took a group of 12 students, with ages between 11 through 13, to the Smitten Kitten sex shop allegedly without notifying parents before hand. The school is noted for being quite Liberal, even having several transgender students. The school′s board is supporting Ms. Hedges, who claims that the experience was ″beautiful″. The police may get involved as public statutes make it illegal for anyone under 18 years of age to be exposed to pornography.

In Alameda, parents are hopping mad that a teacher gave the extra-credit assignment for their children to rummage through their drawers in search of sex toys, condoms and pornography. Then to take selfies of themselves holding the objects. You have to wonder what will become of those images? Will the teacher, or the students themselves, post them on the Internet? Parents want the teacher fired and so far, the school′s explanation is that the assignment was just a joke. They claim that only one student took it seriously and actually photographed some sex paraphernalia.

For years, Liberals have always contended that we need to spend more money on education. That the reason other countries are well ahead of us in math and science is a lack of resources. Perhaps if schools focused on teaching the basic fundamentals instead of this lunatic nonsense, we might be better off? Maybe then we won′t have students running about the streets burning and looting as in Baltimore because they are too busy preparing themselves for getting a good job in the Real World.