A long-term study by the Environmental Protection Agency has determined that hydraulic fracking has no harmful impact on the nation′s ground water sources. The report does state that while there are some isolated cases of pollution caused by fracking, mostly to surface water sources, there is no nationwide threat. This runs contrary to the propaganda preached by many, Left-Wing environmentalists, including Hollywood stars like porn actress Daryl Hannah. I′m sure that will upset many Liberals. The EPA basically has come to the conclusion that the benefits of fracking to the oil and natural gas industries well outweighs any harm that may occur to our environment.

If you are looking for headlines on this, look hard! The Liberal Media is burying the story. The Washington Post mentions the study on Page A-12. In the New York Times, there is a small article on the bottom of the science section. As if most NY Times readers even bother reading that before lining their parakeet cages. Even the Wall Street Journal tucked the story deep on Page A-5. Obviously, had the results been the opposite, it would have been on Page One with a 72-point font for a headline.

Yep, Liberals just hate it when one of their nightmare fantasies is disproved. More ink and bytes are being allocated today by the Media on another Climate Change scare-story about how the ′Pause′ in Global Warming for the past decade didn′t really happen. So another group of nitwit scientists earning a livelihood on Climate Change cash has come up with a new way to twist the truth into a lie.

So you do you think about the new EPA report on how hydraulic fracking is not harmful to our nation′s ground water? The Environmental Protection Agency has been doing this study for quite a while, hoping to get an opposite result. Will this quiet opponents of fracking once and for all? How might this effect the new batch of EPA regulations which gives them federal oversight of any private property that has a drainage ditch or a mud puddle? Perhaps this will free up some EPA agents so they can watch more MILF porn starring Daryl Hannah on their government-issued computers?