Usaamah Rahim, the Boston terror suspect killed by police was planning the beheading of Pamela Geller, the woman behind the Draw-Mohammad-Cartoon-Contest. He was shot to death by police officers after threatening them with a combat-style knife. Rumors that Ussamah was shot in the back while on a cell phone were proven wrong by surveillance video. The FBI had been watching him for about a year and a half due to his on-line activity on social media. He was apparently sympathetic or possibly even working for ISIS, the Islamic State, and was planning jihad against police and military targets. We now learn that Usaamah had also been planning to murder Pamela Geller following the recent shooting in Texas at a free speech event she held. One associate, Usaamah′s nephew, has been taken into custody and authorities are looking for a third man.

The Boston police approached the terrorist while he was at work on Tuesday when the FBI surveillance intercepted a phone call suggesting that Usaamah was preparing to attack police. At one point, Usaama said he would attack the ″boys in blue″. Whether or not he was radicalized by ISIS is being explored. He did spend two years at a school in Saudi Arabia and attended a mosque in the Boston area whose imam began the rumor about Usaamah being shot in the back. There may also be a connection with the Tsarnaev brothers, responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings.

This latest twist, that the Boston terror suspect was planning the beheading of Pamela Geller initially, does show that Usaamah Rahim has been plotting some sort of attack for at least several weeks. Fortunately, the FBI was on his case and aided the Boston police in preventing him from carrying out a terrorist attack. Many experts warn that this may be the new model for future terrorism in the United States as the Islamic State, ISIS, continues to threaten us and is aggressively recruiting jihadists through social media websites.