Last month while speaking at a synagog, Barack Obama claimed that he was the first Jewish president. This week we have a report from former White House Chief of Staff David Axelrod where he said his old boss is upset about people saying Obama is anti-Israel. Obama allegedly told Axelrod that, ″I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office.″ Obama added that, ″For people to say that I am anti-Israel, or, even worse, anti-Semitic, it hurts.″ Boo-Hoo, Obama! If this is true, that Obama actually told this to Axelrod, then this confirms what I have been saying for years. Barack Obama is insane! Between his being such a pathological liar and a total idiot, that even Obama believes his own dribble. Another recent sign of this condition was his remark on Monday about how Obama believes that thanks to him, the world now respects the United States more, when the exact opposite is the case.

Some Liberal pundits believe that the perception of Obama being anti-Israel stems from the seeming personal angst between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Since 2009, Obama has snubbed and belittled Netanyahu numerous times, including accidentally when an open, ′hot′ microphone broadcast his feelings for Bebe. But the truth is that the Israeli people have little faith that Obama supports them. One poll from February showed that 72% of Israelis doubt Obama on his capabilities of stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. In recent polls, Obama′s favorably numbers in Israel range from 33% to as low as 15%. Israel is not alone in this as many other Gulf states also have declining numbers as they see Obama muddle his way with Iran and ISIS.

They are not alone! Many in Europe share in this attitude. They see Obama failing not only with Iran and ISIS, but also in dealing with Russia. In the Pacific, we have a growing list of countries worried about our commitment to them as an ally while China is militarizing an artificial island. Even if you remove foreign policy from the equation, the picture does not improve. The Obama ′War on Religion′, while mostly focused against Christians, also is against Jews, too. The Paris shootings were a painful reminder of that when Obama and his White House minions downplayed Islamic extremism and essentially said of the Jews who were deliberately targeted were actually shot and killed in a ′random shooting′. That religion played no role in the terrorist attack.

Time after time we see Obama favoring the enemies of America and our allies. Whether its the Palestinians and Iran whom both want Israel to cease to exist, to importing Muslims from known terrorist states into the United States. We know that the Obama administration was supplying guns to Mexican drug cartels and there is growing evidence that we may have also done the same with ISIS! So it is easy to understand why the world respects us even less since Obama took office and why Israel and other nations our losing their faith and trust in us.

So, is Barack Obama the first Jewish president? Is he the ″closest thing to a Jew″? How fair or unfair is the perception that Obama is anti-Israel? Why has this story come up now? Is it another attempt by the Obama White House to deflect criticism of its negotiations with Iran, scheduled to be completed at the end of June? Or do you agree with me that this is just another sign of Obama being a liar and a total fool? One thing is certain. Just when you thought you′ve heard it all and Obama could not surprise you with any new form of idiocy, he always manages to sink to even deeper lows.