On Sunday night we had the premiere of ′The Greg Gutfeld Show′ on the Fox News Channel. This is the third show on FNC to be hosted by Gutfeld. His first series was ′Red Eye′, the late-late-night talk fest which covered a mix of ′normal′ through bizarre topics, interlaced with weird cat videos. Aired at 3am, ′Red Eye′ was the test bed for Gutfeld′s invention of the Leg-Chair, giving viewers an full eyeball of a female guest′s legs. It is for television what Jon Taffer′s invention, the Butt-Funnel, was to the bar industry. Greg brought the Leg-Chair to his second series, ′The Five′ which he cohosts with four others. However, the show was clearly a vehicle designed by and for Gutfeld after he had palled around with Glenn Beck, replacing him when Beck headed for Texas. Now, with ′The Greg Gutfeld Show′, Gutfeld is being groomed for a weekday, prime-time slot in a future Fox News line-up.

Luckily, Greg Gutfeld picked a good night to premiere his new show. The only real competition was the second season premiere of ′Halt and Catch Fire′ on AMC-TV. Yawn! So what is ′The Greg Gutfeld Show′? It certainly is not a traditional news program. In fact, some of his news items were fabrications, such as how during one commercial break, 25 more candidates joined the GOP presidential race. Is it a comedy series? If you think of it as a combination of the old David Letterman, a bit of Jon Stewart, with a unicorn and a ballgag tossed in, then yes, its a comical look at the news and culture.

For example, my favorite segment of the first show was his interview with Tucker Carlson. No sooner than when Tucker started talking about his new book, we hear the little voice inside Greg′s head complain about how boring Carlson is. How Greg wishes he could be playing Candyland with former Navy SEAL and Osama bin Laden killer, Robert O′Neill. After a brief special effect, we watch Greg play Candyland with O′Neill, who goes on to demonstrate the success raid in Pakistan using game pieces along with two toy unicorns as helicopters. Osama bin Laden is represented by a small Walter White action figure! The special effect returns and we are back hearing Tucker Carlson wrap up his monologue.

So how long will ′The Greg Gutfeld Show′ last on the Fox News Channel? I predict that it will do well on a Sunday night for the summer. But what we are really seeing here is Gutfeld continue in his being groomed for a weekday, prime time slot. At some point, either Bill O′Reilly will retire or Sean Hannity will be let go. Probably after 2016. FNC will then replace which ever with The Greg Gutfeld Show, or some new version of it.