Barack Obama and Al Sharpton can feel mighty proud of themselves in their War on Police. Just last weekend, 108 people were shot in just Chicago, New York and Baltimore. Just in Chicago 56 were shot, as opposed to only 17 during the same time last year. Meanwhile in Baltimore, the police have become so afraid of doing their job that 38 people have been killed in the month of May and arrests are down by more than half from last year. The Baltimore murder rate for 2015 is up substantially with 110 shooting victims so far this year. Non-lethal shootings have also increased in May with 91 victims. Baltimore police are being harassed by 30 to 50 people every time they show up at a crime scene since the recent riots. At a press conference yesterday, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake dodged questions pertaining to her administration′s police policies and why she has not held any rallies over the new crime wave.

The new U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is continuing the Obama policy practiced by Eric Holder of attacking police departments instead of law breakers. The result of which as we see in Baltimore is that police are only making some 55 arrests per day in May, 2015, as opposed to some 126 per day in May of 2014. In the Western District of Baltimore, which saw the bulk of the violence during the recent Freddie Gray riots, the streets have become unsafe. Many residents won′t allow their children to play outside due to the lawlessness. Baltimore′s Police Commissioner, Anthony Batts, does not believe that his police are deliberately not doing their jobs, but admitted that they are reporting being harassed by locals. He also said that some cops have told him that they are afraid of being arrested for making a bad arrest.

We are seeing the same, bad, Liberal policies affecting other police departments across the nation. Crime rates are increasing in New York after Mayor DeBlasio ended the ′stop & frisk′ tactic of getting armed thugs off the streets. Chicago has become a war zone since Obama′s pal, Rahm Emanuel, became mayor, with crime rising to epidemic proportions. Meanwhile, Obama is ending programs that provide equipment to police forces, such as anti-riot gear and tear gas. Some would say that Obama wants mobs to riot in an unchecked fashion.

So are you worried about more unrest and riots this summer due to the Barack Obama ′War on Police′? Is the sudden spike in crime, especially in murders, due to the policies of the Obama administration? Do you agree that Obama is making a bad situation worse by sending the Justice Department after police officers whom are only trying to do a thankless job?