The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday in a 2-to-1 decision to uphold an injunction that is a block on the Barack Obama immigration reform executive action. This marks the second legal defeat for the White House, concerning the Obama administration immigration executive order. The court decided that the White House arguments against the injunction were baseless. That nobody would be harmed by keeping the injunction in place. By denying the White House motion to stay, the injunction ordered remains, blocking the Obama administration from carrying out its plan to allow millions of illegal immigrants to enter the United States.

Back on February 16, 2015, Judge Andrew S. Hanen issued the injunction. At the heart of the complaint filed by the 26 states was the negative economic impact of Obama′s executive order. By allowing an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants to enter and remain in the U.S. would also permit them to apply for driver licenses, food stamps, healthcare and other welfare benefits, burdening the taxpayers of the states unduly. It was also clear to Judge Hanen that allowing the program to carry on during any litigation would make it nearly impossible to rectify should the program be rejected by higher courts. Thus, the injunction was put in place to stop Obama in his tracks.

The U.S. 5th District Court of Appeals will next take up the case on the constitutionality of the Obama immigration reform executive action. The Barack Obama administration could appeal to the Supreme Court to lift the injunction on the execution order, but the White House would probably lose again. Justice Anthony Scalia is responsible for hearing cases from the 5th District and would most likely side with the courts. It is doubtful that the entire Supreme Court would hear a case concerning only the injunction. However, we can certainly expect it to hear an appeal by Obama if and when the 5th Circuit rules against the White House on the grounds of Obama exceeding his Constitutional authority.