There appears to be a rebellion of sorts brewing across ′The Pond′ in the United Kingdom. The subject of which is Kate Middleton and nude pantyhose. Ever since Princess Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, married Prince William, sales of flesh tone nylon stockings, pantyhose, leggings, tights, etc., have been increasing. She is being attributed with this surge and return of women′s hosiery. Fashion critics in America are upset about this. For about the past 20 years or so, the fashion industry has succumbed to the modern feminist viewpoint that wearing pantyhose, especially flesh-tone or nude ones, is dowdy and matronly. Something that only older women would do. But, thanks to Kate Middleton, nude pantyhose is back and selling like hotcakes!

As billed, this is an ′Open Thread′ article, which means you may comment on any subject you care to. Perhaps you have something to say about Barack Obama doing this, or doing that, or some other stupid, abuse of Constitutional powers? Or maybe you are confused or disgusted that a group in Ferguson, Missouri have erected a memorial plaque honoring Michael Brown? That it is shaped like a dove, a symbol of peace. Perhaps they should have shaped it like a Swisher Sweet or a spliv? Maybe they should next erect a bronze statue of Brown′s stepdaddy/mother′s lover/whatever with a bronze base engraved with those immortal words, ″BURN THIS B*TCH DOWN!″?

I have chosen to write about Kate Middleton and nude pantyhose after watching a recent episode of ′The Five′ on the Fox News Channel. Cohost Dana Perino raised the topic and seemed to be upset that she might have to start wearing pantyhose. Her fellow cohost, Kimberly Guilfoyle, has no problem as she always wears tights! Way to go, Kimberly! KG said she likes that silky-smooth sensation and I agree! ′The Five′ is the only show I watch regularly and completely on Fox News just so I can oogle Kimberly′s shapely, sexy legs encased in nylon. Woo-Hoo! What can I say? With my health issues, I don′t get around much anymore. I don′t get around at all! And as former WABX Air Ace Alan Stag once said, ″No fun is no fun.″

But, of course, there is a larger issue here. The concept of proprieties, of good taste. As a ′Royal′, Kate Middleton is in the public eye and has to set the standard, so she always dresses impeccably. There is also the matter of being ′lady-like′. I recall the old Otto Preminger crime drama, ″Anatomy of a Murder″. Based on an actually killing in Thunder Bay, Michigan, it covered the story of a husband killing a bar owner after allegedly raping his wife. Lee Remick played the wife and was grilled on the witness stand by the prosecuting attorney from the ′big city′ of Lansing, Michigan, played by George C. Scott. Scott tried to paint Remick as a ′loose woman′ and one of his reasons was that she wore no hosiery. That even a summer vacation resort, it was bad form for a woman to be out in public exposing her bare limbs, inviting lust and rape.

When you look at how women dress these days, it is pretty sad. A pair of Ho Chi Minh sandals have more to them than a pair of flip-flops! Don′t get me wrong, I′m not talking about how economically poor women dress. Just watch any episode of one of those ′Real Housewives′ shows. Those gals are all rich and they dress like they plan on standing out on a curb of 8 Mile Road in front of a strip club. Lemme tell ya, ladies, waxing may be a substitute for shaving your legs, but it doesn′t hide varicose veins! As younger women, there had been a trend of going ′commando′ it seems by many celebrity types. So, at least if they wore pantyhose, they′d have SOMETHING on covering them up.

Maybe I′m just venting a ′Get Off The Lawn!′ rant? Or, perhaps I′m just using this topic as a great excuse to string keywords like Kate Middleton nude pantyhose together for some search engine logarithms? Of course, there is always the Kimberly Guilfoyle factor, too! Yum-Yum! Permit me to wrap this up by thanking Princess Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, for restoring good sense to fashion and God Save the Queen!