On Friday, the US Senate passed a bill giving Barack Obama additional ′fast-track′ powers in negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. The bill includes provisions blocking transparency such that secret elements may be part of the agreement. Many see this as Republican senators caving into White House demands. But not everything went Obama′s way as a human-trafficking provision was also included, which may cause Malaysia to be left out of the 11-nation trade deal. They may still be part of the TPP if they can show they are making some progress in reducing slave labor in their country.

This one really irks me, though it is not unexpected. I′m a Capitalist and in favor of free trade, or ′fair′ trade, if you prefer. But the TPP deal just stinks to high Heaven! Not to mention the simple fact that GOP senators are actually giving Barack Obama more power! Good grief!!! How can anyone trust Obama the Liar, Obama the Bumbler, to negotiate anything good for the American people? The Senate may as well give Obama the authority to sell our nukes to Iran and the Islamic State!

People wonder why there is a growing cynicism over our two-party, political system? When you have nonsense like this going on, who can blame folks for becoming cynical? This is just stupid! Obama couldn′t negotiate a bowel movement let alone an international trade deal. This just reinforces the Neo-Reactionary viewpoint that the game is over! Our system is so badly broken and corrupted that it is far beyond repair. It is just a question of time until it all crashes and burns.

So are you happy that Barack Obama now has additional power? That he has the authority to negotiate secretly and hide key factors from the American people? What will you say to Republican senators who went along with this bill on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal? That when a deal is finally reached, it will probably be passed without any debate or amendments? Liz ′Red Cloud′ Warren might be opposed to it publicly, but trust me, her bread is buttered by the same masters from Wall Street and Silicon Valley.