Our old buddy, Glenn Beck is wondering if the End Times are upon us? Glenn discussed a story published by the UK′s Daily Mail about how people are hearing strange sounds from the skies. For over a decade, folks from the Ukraine to British Columbia, from Belarus to Texas, are hearing unexplained noises. Glenn Beck, himself, doesn′t think that these sounds are connected to God. Some people are, referring to Revelations 8:2, ″And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets.″ When I first heard about this phenomenon, I thought that it might be connected with some new spy plane sporting a pulse jet engine, as many believe Project Aurora has. But after watching and listening to some of these events on You-Tube, the strange sounds are obviously not from an aircraft.

In some videos, the trumpet-like sounds also coincide with mild earthquakes. This is pretty freaky stuff! Conspiracy theories run the gambit from unknown creatures living in our skies, such as those thought to be associated with ′rods′ which have been reported, to the U.S. government′s HAARP antenna array. Toss in UFOs, signals from another galaxy or universe and time travelers and you′ve gt all your bases covered.

So what the heck is making these noises? Some unknown plate tectonic movement? Interaction between the Earth′s upper atmosphere with the Van Allen Radiation Belt? Or the planet′s electromagnetic field being pummeled by solar winds? Or, is this the heralding of the Tribulation? That Judgment Day is growing nearer! There is no doubt that with the advent of You-Tube, weird stuff like this is being recorded. Who can say how long this phenomenon has been going on? One fellow actually combined many of the recordings and played them simultaneously. The result sounds like whatever this is it has regularity and ′a beat′ to it.

Is Glenn Beck hearing trumpets from the sky? Is God sending us a message to prepare for the Apocalypse? Or are people hearing some natural phenomenon caused by the Earth′s magnetic field? Whatever it is, its a global event occurring across every continent. Watch this You-Tube video and judge for yourself! Of course, I blame Barack Obama, the Son of Perdition, for the noises. LOL!