On Sunday, while Barack Obama played golf, the Islamic State captured the city of Ramadi in Iraq, capitol of Anbar Province and just 75 miles west of Baghdad. Perhaps while Obama was putting, the ISIS army held a victory parade, driving down the main highway to Ramadi with a convoy a half-mile long. The US response to this tragedy was to launch 8, count′em, 8 airstrikes against the forces of ISIL-ISIS-Islamic State. On Monday, even the Pentagon had to admit that the loss of Ramadi was a ″set back″. But on Tuesday, White House chief liar, Josh Earnest, declared that the Obama administration strategy on ′degrading′ ISIS was a ″success″! Amazing what a few tokes on a crack pipe will do!

Obama, Earnest and the entire brain trust at the White House must all be on the pipe if they think their strategy is a success. Either that or they are all horribly insane! I suppose you could say it was a success if the gang at the White House actually wanted the Islamic State to succeed in conquering the Middle East and establishing a global caliphate. If that is the true agenda then yes, the strategy is a success. Given how everything Obama and his minions say is usually a lie, that might be the real agenda here.

Especially now that the Defense Intelligence Agency confirms what many of us have suspected for the past few years. There definitely was activity in transferring weapons and military equipment from Libya to Syria via Turkey. Of course, the DIA would not name name and say who was behind the weapons transfer. That would be telling! But I′d bet a dollar to the hole in your doughnut that the CIA was involved, particularly the station in Benghazi. You know, the one that got overrun after our consulate was attacked about 8 weeks before Obama was reelected by those irate, You-Tube video watchers.

If it wasn′t for the fact that people are dying and suffering, not to mention being terrorized and beheaded, I would laugh at this farce. Oscar Wilde couldn′t write anything close to the silliness of Barack Obama and his administration. The importance of being Josh Earnest sunk to new depths yesterday when he declared the Obama strategy a success. I feel like Space Ball One just flew by at Ludicrous speed and went plaid!

So what do you think? Is the Barack Obama strategy on degrading the Islamic State a success? Is the White House correct that we should not worry about ISIS-ISIL capturing Ramadi in Iraq? Or do you think that its loss will lead to all of Anbar Province being conquered? George W. Bush gave us ′Shock and Awe′ while Obama gives us ′Slack and Yawn′. One A-10 Warthog could have blown away the ISIS victory parade just with its 30mm Gatling gun. Instead, Obama golfed and ignored doing his job, again!