The State Department now says that it may have Hillary Clinton′s emails ready for release by January, 2016. If you believe that, I have some nice real estate for sale on Zug Island. The proposed release date for the Clinton emails is based on the how long the State Department figures it will take to review the 55,000 emails that were not deleted when Hillary wiped her email server clean. Meanwhile, that member of the ′Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy′, the New York Times, is reporting that both Hillary and her lawyer are in error when they stated that she only used one, personal email account for conducting official State Department communications. Turns out she was using at least two. Just as we now know that she was using two personal devices to read and send emails instead of just the one she originally claimed.

Hillary Clinton caught fibbing again? Or did she simply forget? Much like she forgot she stashed her Rose Law Firm files on Whitewater in her closet. Sorry, Hilldog, but I think you are lying. There is not one honest bone in your body. But the Democrats don′t care if they nominate another habitual liar to run for president. Liberals need to lie about everything, otherwise nobody would like them.

Seriously people, when is the press going to stand up to Mrs. Clinton? Don′t they realize how foolish she is making them look by dodging their feeble attempts to question her? A few news agencies are taking note of her silence. Some are even marking the number of days since Hillary last answered a question, or how many questions she has answered since she began her campaign.

The Hillary Clinton emails need to be released immediately. Just throw them out there and let the chips fall where they may. She claims that she did not send any classified information from her private email accounts. So let us take her for her word and have the State Department release all 55,000 pages of Hillary Clinton emails en masse. I′d bet that we′d be able to review them all in 30 days or less.