When does comedy get too edgy? After the Louis CK monologue from the Saturday Night Live season finale, child abuse does seem to be the trip wire. SNL has long been a source for controversy in the world of stand up comics. Not to mention other celebrity guests running wild with their mouths. But Louis CK may have crossed the line this time, potentially damaging his career, much as it is. His opening monologue to this past Saturday′s show covered a variety of topics, including racism and the usual anti-Christian, anti-military, anti-America issues that make Liberals feel intellectually superior over the hicks whom live in ′fly-over′ country. But then he lost the audience when he started down a path which some viewed as being sympathetic to child molesters. After comparing it with wanting a candy bar, even Louis CK realized that he may have stumbled on national television.

I′m not going to repeat what he said. If you absolutely must know, you can read a transcript or watch a video of it somewhere on the Internet. What I am going to say is that here, again, we have yet another sign of Liberalism running totally out of control. This is certainly a trend we have seen, especially after the 2014 mid-term elections. Even after the 2012 elections, anyone who delved deeply into the numbers knew that Mitt Romney did not lose the election to Barack Obama, he lost the election due to losing ′The Base′ of the GOP. Had Romney even gotten the same results as John McCain had from 2008, Mitt would be sitting in the White House now.

After the 2014 election, there was no doubt that the nation had turned the corner and was tired of the failed policies of Obama and Liberal Democrats in general. Obama′s reaction to this defeat of his ideology was to double down and completely ignore the will of the American people. He has no interest in working with Congress, no interest in changing course, no interest in satisfying the voters. Obama couldn′t care less what the average America thinks or wants. Its his way or the highway.

We have also seen the same behavior and arrogance from every other corner of the Liberal universe. From political commentators to Hollywood celebrities, there has been an ever increasing stream of utter nonsense being spewed. They just don′t care anymore whom they offend or how they are perceived. It is as if they know that they are being rejected, on the losing team, and have adopted a slash and burn attitude, out to destroy whatever good and wholesome aspects of society remain.

From what I saw of the Louis CK monologue on SNL finale this past Saturday night, he made multiple jokes that crossed the line of good taste. But when he started joking about child molesters, seemingly justifying their behavior, well, then even the in-studio audience of young, hip New Yorkers got uncomfortable. In social media, the tweets were flying! In a rational universe, Louis CK has committed career suicide and should never be allowed to appear anywhere again. My guess is that he′ll survive and still carry on with his ′edgy humor′. On the other hand, he may have lost enough of his audience to place him in a chair next to Michael Richards.