The Girl Scouts of America, GSA, have decided to now accept as members transgender boys. The announcement was made on their official website. ″If the child is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve her in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe.″ The American Family Association has drafted a petition opposing this new policy, which, they say ″…undermines the trust that parents place in the GSA′s leadership to make wise decisions and the obligation the GSA has to protect their daughters.″ Needless to say, the GSA decision is being hailed by the LGBT community and by Liberals in general. Meanwhile, Penny Nance of the Concerned Women for America calls the new GSA policy as ″…just one more slap n the face of Christian parents.″

Liberals have corrupted our education, political and economic systems long ago, more than a century. In recent decades, they have inserted their faulty logic into our military and religious institutions. Now the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts are corrupted. Ever since the Girl Scouts went political in backing abortions, their membership rolls have dropped by a million or more as Christian parents took note. If the GSA thinks they can make up the difference by appeasing to transgenders, they may find out that they stand lose even more.

There is no official demographic information concerning the size of the transgender population in America. The U.S. Census does not monitor the size of it nor any other federal agency, such as the CDC. Estimates by other studies, such as by UCLA′s Williams Institute, puts the number at about 0.3%, or some 700,000 nationwide. Another study in California, this one exploring tobacco use by the LGBT community, puts transgenders at just 0.1%. A Massachusetts study puts the number higher at 0.5%. Some argue that these studies are invalid as they limit options to just being one of two sexes. Some social media websites provide for up to 50 gender options to choose from.

In other words, how ever you define it, the numbers are very small. Hardly worth getting excited about. Many would say that Liberals should not be involved in scouting, period! After all, it was originally founded to promote imperialism. The Boy Scouts were founded in 1908 by Robert Baden-Powell, a veteran of the Boer Wars, who started the organization after seeing deficiencies in how English men functioned in the field. The idea was to get the next generation ready for to fight the next war and safeguard the British Empire. With help from a Canadian-American, Ernest Thompson Seton, whom had written a book on Indian woodcraft in 1902, scouting was born. Baden-Powell′s sister, Agnes, started a Girl Scouts group in 1910. In 1909, William Boyce, an American publisher from Chicago, got lost in a London fog and it was one of Baden-Powell′s scouts who assisted him. The following year, Boyce started the Boy Scouts of America. In 1912, Juliette Gordon Low started the Girl Scouts of America.

The Boy Scouts began facing criticism when gay men wanted to become scout masters. After many years and several law suits, the scouts caved into the demands regardless of the moral ambiguities. So it comes as no surprise to me that the Girl Scouts have chosen to cave in to the transgenders. Liberals will corrupt children how ever they can. We recently had Barack Obama′s education secretary, Arne Duncan, declare that there is a need to establish federal boarding schools to ′educate′ children ″24/7″. Thus, removing children completely from any influence by possible Christian or Conservative parents. As Hillary Clinton would say, ″it takes a village″, which apparently refers to Patrick McGoohan′s ′Village′ from his 1960s TV series, ″The Prisoner″. All the Girl Scouts and Arne Duncan need now is a giant bubble named Rover to enforce submission to The State.

What else can we expect? This latest decision by the Girl Scouts of America to allow transgender boys to join them is yet another sign that the end of civilization is near. It might take another generation or two for the whole game to spin out of control and collapse, but it shall collapse! The big question to soon be answered will be if Lord Humngus, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla from ″Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior″, will have transgender members in his army?