File this one under Liberal-Media bias. One of the big stories of the day is the revelation that George Stephanopoulos of ABC News has donated some $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation. The ′Good Morning America′ host issued an apology on Thursday for not disclosing two, $25,000 donations to the foundation in 2012 and 2013. Particularly since Stephanopoulos interviewed Peter Schweizer, author of ′Clinton Cash′ recently on the Sunday talk show, ′This Week′. Since the apology was published on Politico, we now learned that George also gave $25,000 in 2014 to the Clinton′s charity organization. ABC News is backing him up and has announced that Stephanopoulos will not moderate a GOP Presidential Primary debate in 2016.

Now, many will say that its George′s money and he can give it to whomever he wants to, and that is true. Nobody is arguing that fact. But by not revealing his own personal involvement with the Clinton Foundation, his interview with Schweizer, as well as Republican candidates for president, could be seen as skewed. This morning on ′GMA′ George admitted to the audience that it was a mistake to make the donations.

This is not the first time that he has been accused of being biased towards Democrats, as well as towards the Clintons. In 2008, the Barack Obama campaign was not happy about questions Stephanopoulos asked Obama while moderating a debate between Obama and Hillary Clinton. In 2012, George is credited with attacking Mitt Romney on the ′War on Women′ myth and playing the ′Gotcha′ card on the subject of abortion.

Still, this just goes to show how slanted the Media is in general towards Liberals and Democrats. No surprise there! In my opinion, the real mistake here committed by George Stephanopoulos was donating any money to the Clinton Foundation just based on the poor percentage, barely 10%, of funds which might actually go to doing some good. If George were smart, he would have picked a better charity to contribute to! But then, the Clintons were the ones who gave him a career.

Dana Perino of Fox News says that the big mistake committed by George Stephanopoulos is pretending to be a journalist. As a commentator, there is a lot more room allowing for bias and questionable associations. By him donating $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and not disclosing such prior to interviewing ′Clinton Cash′ author, Peter Schweizer, there is a shadow of doubt towards ethical journalism. I don′t think that ABC News needs to fire George Stephanopoulos, nor even suspend or discipline him any further. However, they, and other news agencies, should review their policies on disclosing charitable contributions and political campaign contributions. Let us at least try to have some honesty in 2016.