What if Barack Obama held a summit and nobody showed up? Well, that is pretty much the case! On Monday, Saudi King Salman snubbed the White House announcing that the King would not attend Obama′s Persian Gulf Summit on the Iran nuclear talks. In fact, four of the six Gulf state rulers have decided to not attend. Instead, they will send flunkies. Though, for the Saudis, the King will send his son, Defense Minister Muhammad bin Salman. The Saudi King only gave Obama a one-hour notice that he was skipping the summit. Ouch! Goes to show what he thinks of our ′Dear Leader′, not to mention the scam of the Iran nuke deal.

Obama′s top liar, Josh Earnest, spoke at the daily White House press briefing that the change in plans was not a message being sent. However, just hours before the king decided to snub Obama, the White House was bragging about the big summit and how important it was for Obama and King Salman to meet. Apparently, the King thought otherwise. Its good to be the king!

This has all the earmarks of another foreign policy blunder, equal to Hillary Clinton′s ′Reset Button′ fiasco with Russia. There is no doubt that our allies in the Gulf region are very nervous about Iran developing nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia has been leading the way, preparing to embark on its own nuclear program if Iran succeeds. The six Gulf nations view the current Iran nuclear talks as a form of appeasement, similar to that seen nearly 80 years ago when England and France handed Czechoslovakia over to Nazi Germany. So it is any wonder that four of the six rulers decided to avoid wasting their time hearing more lies from Obama?

So what do you think? Did King Salman snub the White House? Did he and most of the other Gulf state rulers send a message to Barack Obama that they do not trust him? It certainly looks that way, doesn′t it?