Five Tufts students ended a hunger strike that lasted about a week. They were part of the Tuft Labor Coalition protest over the pending lay off of 20 of the school′s 35 janitors which began last Sunday. One student ended her strike early due to health reasons on Friday while the rest quit on Saturday. Not exactly Ghandi, are they? The university is continuing to go forward with their plans to lay off the custodians. Some may call this a valiant effort while others may consider the whole exercise as a waste of time. But then, that does seem to be the state of higher education in America.

Take for example a protest held two weeks ago at the UC Berkeley campus where the Sather Gate was blocked, preventing white students from passing. Members of the Black Student Union and another group called the ′Stop Mass Incarceration Network′ were protesting what they perceived as being on-going racism on the college campus. In addition to demanding more blacks to be hired as professors, they also wanted one building, Burrow′s Hall, to be renamed for Assata Shakur, a convicted cop-killer and named on the FBI′s Most Wanted list. The gate was blocked for about 3 hours, long enough for news crews to get video.

Then we have the case of Boston University where a new professor, Saida Grundy, who begins to teach in July, has been busy tweeting on Twitter about how there are too many white men on college campuses. She thinks that white males are ′THE′ major problem at America′s colleges. She goes on to say that they are a ″problem population″. The school is trying to play this one down the middle, distancing themselves from her obviously inflammatory remarks while not saying that they will fire or discipline her.

At Polk State College in Florida, Christians are under attack. A Humanities professor, Lance Rossum, is allegedly scoring pro-religion essays with zeroes. An on-line student, Grace Lewis, had been doing well with a 3.9 Grade Point Average until she took Rossum′s class. One essay subject was to write about how Michaelangelo′s artwork suggests that same-sex relationships are not a sin. The school′s president, Dr. Eileen Holden, is apparently backing up the militant atheist teacher.

Of course, at Valdosta State University in Georgia, we had the big flag controversy a few weeks ago. A group of students were stomping and spitting upon the American flag during a protest against white, European culture. When an Air Force veteran tried to intervene, police arrested her. This led to a counter protest which nearly shut the whole school down out of fear of a riot. We later learned that one of those who had organized the original protest against America and our flag was a criminal with a warrant out for his arrest. Funny how the cops who arrested the veteran didn′t notice him.

So is it any wonder that some employers feel that they need to hire immigrants these days? That American students graduating from colleges and universities simply are just not up to snuff? Bad enough that students these days are being fed a steady diet of lies and propaganda. The Tufts students aren′t even tough enough to go more than a week on a hunger strike. Compare that to drills like ′Hell Week′ in the Navy SEALs, where applicants hardly eat or sleep for a week while still carrying out rigorous, training missions.