The Department of Defense has reacted to the latest ISIS threat by putting all US bases on FPCON-Bravo alert status. This move by the Pentagon follows a week after the terrorist attack in Garland, Texas which the Islamic State is claiming credit for. ISIS, or ISIL, has also announced that they have more in store for America with some 71 ′soldiers′ already in place in at least 15 states. They even named 5 states with active terror cells, they being California, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois and Michigan. The FBI has also continued its warning this week that the Texas shooting attack is another sign that the Islamic State is very busy recruiting in the United States via the Internet. The US military is also warning families of their personnel to be cautious, especially with using social media. Several public events have been canceled due to the heightened alert status, such as the closing of the Air Force museum in Dayton, Ohio.

So, despite moves by the Barack Obama administration to appease terrorists, such as trying to close Gitmo and trading terror leaders for American hostages whom may or may not be traitors, terrorism remains a growing threat. Oh, sure, Obama sends the odd drone strike out now and then to kill a few people. But it obviously is not sufficient as the Islamic State and other terrorist groups continue to grow and spread. Perhaps even more insane is the Obama policy of increasing the number of Muslim immigrants from nations known to be hot spots for terrorism.

When will the Islamic State strike again in America? It could be soon as the new ISIS threat has put US bases on higher alert. The Islamic State and the Levant, or ISIL, claims to have some 71 ′soldiers′ already in place in some 15 states, naming 5 specifically. The FBI again warns this week after the Garland, Texas shooting attack that ISIS is very busy recruiting on social media. It does appear that under Barack Obama, the threat to the United States by terrorists has increased.