First Lady Michelle Obama feels uncomfortable and unwanted at museums. She said so during a speech at the opening of the Whitney Museum in New York City last week. It seems that Mrs. Obama believes that all non-white children feel unwanted and uncomfortable when visiting an art or history museum, not to mention opera houses or other structures housing elements of Western Civilization. Meanwhile, her husband, Barack Obama, told a group of Hispanics this week that theirs is a culture based on revolution and immigration. He must have seen the episodes of ″America Unearthed″ about how the Aztecs invaded and conquered Mexico from Utah and Wisconsin!

I just to have to laugh! These two idiots have been spreading their wampum and whoppers for over six years now. There is just no end to it! Bad enough that a new poll by Quinnipac shows that race relations have gotten worse since Obama won the White House. Now we have Dr. Michael Savage, host of the radio show, ′The Savage Nation′, making headlines about how Obama is in effect arming street gangs to start a race war in America. Savage asserts that with the Obama administration slamming police forces across the nation, he is setting the stage for the gangs to run wild. Could be, maybe, who can say?

One thing we can say with confidence is that the cultural decline in the United States appears to be accelerating. Christianity is under attack at home and abroad. The principles of the Founding Fathers is being totally ignored. More people are interested in celebrities with fake butts and duck lips than with the unemployment reaching a record high, even while the White House claims the percentage is lower.

Lawlessness is running rampant throughout our government. If you wanted to know whether or not the new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, was going to carry the torch left by Eric Holder, we now have our answer, YES! The Department of Justice will now launch a probe on the Baltimore Police Department, even while the case against six police officers charged in the Freddie Gray death is unraveling. Maybe the DOJ should also probe the Baltimore state attorney′s office, along with the city′s mayor? Seems they are more comfortable encouraging mob rule than justice.

Where will this all lead too? Will the cities burn this summer from unrest and rioting? How much longer will police bother to enforce any laws? Perhaps the signal has been sent that instead of burning down local neighborhoods and businesses, like check cashing stores, rioters should attack art museums and concert halls? Gotta love the ′New Normal′ in the ′Age of Obama′!