She has been on the campaign trail for 26 days now and yet Hillary Clinton has yet to do a single interview with the press. In fact, she has only answered a total of 7 questions asked of her so far. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is calling for a ′full and equal path to citizenship′ for illegal immigrants, attempting to deflect the ever growing controversies surrounding her. During a Senate hearing by the Judiciary Committee yesterday, Assistant Secretary of State, Joyce Barr, told senators that the use by Hillary of her own private email server was ″not acceptable″. Barr also said there were concerns about the security of Hillary′s emails from hackers and that it was possible that the reason for the private server was to circumvent Freedom of Information Act requests. Bar also acknowledged that only Hillary knows if all of her official emails have been turned over as the law requires.

No, Hillary Clinton is not answering any tough questions. Her campaign is working hard keeping the press away from her. Bill Clinton is talking, but his explanations need explaining. Earlier this week he was asked by NBC News if he will still be doing paid speeches? He said he will, after all, he′s got bills to pay. Isn′t that tragic? I suppose the $100 million dollars or more he′s banked won′t cover his expenses for the next year or so. Poor, Bill!

Even his old billionaire Canadian buddy, Frank Guistra, said that if he had read the allegations in the Peter Schwizer book, ″Clinton Cash″, he might believe that Bill and Hillary Clinton were up to no good. He was interviewed by Joshua Green of Bloomberg News, another press agency that Hillary is ducking. Now, to be fair, I should point out that Hillary Clinton has finally agreed to appear before the Congressional Select Committee on Benghazi to answer questions about the 2012 terrorist attack on our consulate. She is also expected to be questioned about her use of a private server for sending and receiving government emails. Will Hillary be forth coming in her answers, or will she continue to deflect and argue, ″what difference could it possibly make now″?

Still, you have to wonder how much longer Hillary Clinton can keep hiding from the press while running for president? After 26 days, she has yet to do a single interview. Some say she doesn′t need the press since there is no real opposition so far in the Democrat primaries. But, she thought the same back in 2007-2008 and looked what happened then. Can she get away with it this time around?