The 2016 presidential race heats up this week as Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina launch their president campaigns today. On Tuesday, Mike Huckabee is expected to also enter the race for the White House, doubling the number of Republican candidates to six. Last week, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced his presidential campaign, running as a Democrat against Hillary Clinton. Together with Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, the field on contenders is expanding with more to follow as the first GOP presidential debate in August draws closer. Some 21 Republicans are expected to run national campaigns along with several other Democrats.

Ben Carson had planned to announce his campaign today in Detroit, but jumped the gun yesterday during an interview. He will delay a trip to Iowa in order to visit his sick mother in Dallas tomorrow. Carly Fiorina starts her campaign today on the Internet. After declaring herself a candidate, she will hold a town hall meeting on line. She will then head for Iowa and New Hampshire. Mike Huckabee will announce his campaign tomorrow in his home town of Hope, Arkansas, also the birthplace of Bill Clinton.

Many are wondering when Jeb Bush will make his campaign official? While he was the first to form a committee to raise money, the poll numbers have not changed much for him as of yet. The first 3 GOP candidates all got a nice boost in the early polls. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has stated that he will not declare his candidacy until his state′s budget is finished and passed. Walker remains high on the list despite this.

Over on the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders has reportedly raised about $1.5 million this past week. A drop in the bucket compared to what Hillary Clinton is raising. But still, her numbers are not all that good. Some recent fund raisers have fallen short of expectations and her standing in the polls has actually declined after a series of gaffes and revelations about her activities as Secretary of State. Fewer people trust her than they did a month ago. Another possible Democrat candidate, Martin O′Malley, may run into some difficulties after the recent Baltimore riots. Some blame his policies from when he was mayor of Baltimore for the allegations of department-wide police abuse.

If nothing else, the 2016 race for the White House is heating up with Dr. Ben Carson and Cary Fiorina launching their presidential campaigns today. Few expect them to win the GOP nomination, but they may be solid options for the vice president slot. We have a long way to go until November, 2016. Do any of the declared candidates float your boat?