As an influential member of the Conservative media, I received an advanced copy of the upcoming book from Harper Publishing, ′Clinton Cash′ by author Peter Schweizer. The subtitle says it all, ″The Untold Story of how and why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.″ The book certainly does do that! Schweizer lays out a very convincing argument, charting a course from Kazakhstan to Haiti, from Nigeria to Columbia. We follow the intrigue of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, usually known as simply ′the Clinton Foundation′, and the many millions of dollars donated to them. A pattern emerges from these never ending transactions which paints a picture of political abuse, if not outright graft and corruption.

The book goes on sale this Tuesday, but for the past few weeks, many of the details have been the subject of news articles. Schweizer had given copies to the New York Times, the Washington Post and to the Fox News Channel. So we have been seeing a lot of the material already, some of it expanded and updated as other news agencies dig into the story. Naturally, defenders of the Clintons have been attacking Schweizer and his book. Little did they realize that Schweizer presented counter-arguments right off the bat in Chapter One!

For example, the basic Liberal technique is to attack the messenger. To paint Peter Schweizer as a tool of the GOP with many Conservative ties. He is obviously part of that ′vast, right-wing conspiracy′. However, aside from the recent news that his next book will be about Jeb Bush, Schweizer is a credible author whose loathing of corrupt politicians is bipartisan. One of his earlier books, ″Throw Them All Out″, gained considerable praise as he exposed how members of Congress were enriching themselves on the stock and futures markets. CBS News ′60 Minutes′ helped catapult Schweizer in exposing this abuse of the public trust.

Then we have the argument that ′the book provides no evidence′. Very true! There is no ′smoking gun′. However, Schweizer addresses this problem as well. He states quite clearly that criminal cases of political corruption are nearly impossible to prove. Schweizer points out that those which do arise and stick are generally the result of a ′sting operation′, often performed by the FBI. Under Eric Holder, a Justice Department investigation into the Clintons may create on conflict of interests, given that Holder was involved in the Clinton White House. He is best known for approving a pardon for Marc Rich, a billionaire pal of the Clintons who was on the lamb overseas after being convicted of multiple felonies. Coincidentally, the pardon for Rich coincides with large donations from Rich′s wife to the Clinton Library and to the Clinton Foundation.

The last major argument by the Liberal defenders of the Clinton legacy is that the accusations are all ′old news′. Well, while that may be partially true, we have seen in the past few weeks much new material on this old news. For example, we now know that some 1,100 donors were not reported as promised by Hillary Clinton. Just in the last week we learned that not only does barely 15% of the money acquired through the Clinton Foundation actually is spent on helping the unfortunate of the world, but the number is closer to barely 10%. So, out of some $2 Billion dollars raised by the Clintons, around $1.8 Billion went for salaries and expenses, with 60% of it going for ′Other′ uses. ′Other′ covers a lot of ground like a black hole.

No, Peter Schweizer′s new book, ′Clinton Cash′ is a good read and and legitimate story which needs reviewing. Especially now that Hillary Clinton is running for president. Published by Harper, a division of Harper-Collins, the book goes on sale to the public this Tuesday. I highly recommend that if you care about the state of politics in America that you need to read this book. The story may not be new, and it certainly will not surprise those of you whom have been watching the Clintons graft their slimy way through our nation over the past 20-some years. But, as we have seen recently with more news agencies investigating the issues raised by Peter Schweizer, there is plenty to strongly suggest that Bill and Hillary Clinton need to be shunned from further public life. The stains revealed in this book stand out a million times more than such on a blue dress.