Happy May Day 2015! Socialist here and all around the world are celebrating. Perhaps Barack Obama will greet all Socialists and wish them a ′Nowruz Mubarak!′? Speaking of Obama, MSNBC host Alex Wagner thinks he may be too white! Wagner raised the issue of Obama′s racial background in wondering why he called rioters in Baltimore ″thugs″? Apparently, Ms. Wagner doesn′t think that arson and looting constitutes being labeled a thug. Of course, maybe the basic truth here is that Ms. Wagner plain just doesn′t think – PERIOD! Something we can label all Socialists and their fellow travelers with.

Liberals have been going off the deep end of late. Their constructed fantasy world is crumbling before their very eyes. America is still feeling the pain of a sluggish economy despite the trillions of dollars pumped into it. Our foreign policy is a total disaster. Islamic extremists are conquering land and slaughtering Christians. Russia is doing whatever it wants completely unchecked by us. Iran will soon have a nuclear weapon. Our borders are wide open and yet the Obama administration feels compelled to pay for airline tickets to fly in even more illegal immigrants, including drug dealers, murderers and rapists.

Yet, anytime that a criminal suspect gets so much as a scratch when confronted by police, whole cities are shutdown with anti-police protesters. Usually led by the same professional agitators recruited during the Occupy Wall Street exercise. As we have seen from the last several incidents, the reasons why the protests start are usually false, errors spread rapidly by way of social media in order to whip up sentiments.

In the case of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, recent reports by the Washington Post and other news agencies are showing that the original story as to what happened to Gray is no correct. Much like the original story about Michael Brown was inaccurate. The fact is that we really do not know what exactly happened to Freddie Gray. There is some question as to what precisely caused his death, let alone his injuries. We now know that there was a second prisoner in the police van who allegedly heard Gray thrashing about and may have been trying to injure himself. Whatever the case, the assumption by some that police beat him or deliberately failed to secure Gray properly appears to be flat wrong.

Now, this does not excuse the Baltimore police entirely. If they were negligent in taking Gray into custody and securing him safely, then that needs to be addressed and if called for, some punishment. But, to associate this event with some wider, systemic, racially-motivated policy is looking more and more ridiculous. Just for starters, Baltimore has a ′minority-majority′, across the board in terms of population, representation of its police department, as well as the city′s political leadership. Statistics show that in Baltimore, as well as nationwide, police brutality is just a small fraction of what it had been 30 or 40 years ago.

I find it amusing that MSNBC host Alex Wagner posed the question as to whether or not Barack Obama called the Baltimore rioters thugs because he is half-White. This was just as stupid as CNN′s Brooke Baldwin trying to blame military veterans for the Baltimore riots. At least she, or her superiors, had the common sense, to issue an apology. Will Ms. Alex Wagner apologize? Something to ponder this May Day 2015.