The Baltimore riots of 2015 may be the most obvious failing of Liberal Democrat leadership. Anybody and everybody knew there would be trouble on Monday as a funeral service was held for Freddie Gray in the morning. Sure enough, a ′meme′ was posted on social media calling for students to gather at a shopping mall after 3pm. Despite the police asking the mall to be closed at 1pm, by 3:15pm, a large group of students began clashing with police near the mall. In less than an hour, the situation spun totally out of control as police retreated and regrouped. Many now recalled the words of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake from Saturday when she acknowledged ordering that police give protesters who wanted to ′destroy′ the ′space to do it′. By 8pm Monday night, as looting and structural fires raged, the mayor back-peddled, blaming the Media for twisting her own words.

Some 15 Baltimore police officers were injured, six hospitalized while only 27 rioters were arrested on Monday. Most of these injuries and arrests took place as the riot first began. Despite having the nation′s third largest police force, over 3,000 officers, calls for help were made eventually. At some point in the early evening, the mayor called Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and requested help from the state police and the National Guard. At his own press conference at about 8:40pm Monday night, Gov. Hogan said that they were ready earlier to act but had trouble contacting the mayor.

The arrival of additional forces did not help by then. The mayor decided not to impose any extra curfews until Tuesday evening. So, all through the night, Baltimore was in control of the mob as rioters looted and burned businesses. Cars were set a light as well as a senior living complex that was under construction. Police attempted to restrict the riots to certain neighbors but took no real action to stop the unrest. Even fire fighters were not protected as the mayor gave the destroyers the space to reek mayhem.

Some local leaders, particularly clergy from churches, tried to rally their neighborhoods but the efforts mostly failed. One teenager wearing a ski mask cap was dragged off the streets by his mother whom fearlessly did her part as a responsible adult. But where responsibility was sorely needed, at the office of Mayor Rawlings-Blake, the citizens of Baltimore were let down.

Once again we see the folly of Liberal social-engineering in urban America. Some $15 Trillion dollars of public wealth pissed away since the old ′Great Society′ days have done nothing to truly help the poor. Top that off with the more recent Liberal anthem of restraining police from doing their job, blaming police for every little thing that happens in our cities. Are there bad cops? Yep, there are bad people in every line of work. But the rule of ′The Broken Window′ requires that we have a police force. Law and order are not a results of, nor benefits from civilization, but the necessities to have civilization.

We have seen this scenario played out before over and over again throughout the decades. Communities that turn to rioting destroy themselves. Nothing good ever comes out of it. Once people in a neighbor decide to turn on each other and burn down or loot local businesses, those neighborhoods die. If they are lucky, then maybe 10 or 20 years later, after decay has finished the job, then somebody might come along and buy the whole area up and rebuild. But the toll on those whom live through the decline is staggering. A whole generation is lost.

So it is easy to blame the Baltimore riots of 2015 on Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Had she been more forceful after the rioting on Saturday night, and had police crackdown on any violence following the Monday funeral of Freddie Gray, last night′s mayhem might have been avoided. The police knew trouble was brewing. They knew things were going to happen after 3pm. But the mayor decided to play footsie instead of hardball. Now, as the smoke clears from Baltimore, we see the all too familiar results of Liberal politics.