Finally, Barack Obama may be losing support amongst the Hollywood elite! Kim Kardashian wants Obama to acknowledge the Armenian genocide. This week marked the 100th anniversary of the holocaust which claimed some 1.5 million lives. For the past 7 years, Obama has broken his promise to recognize the slaughter of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks in 1915 as an act of genocide. Primarily because it would upset the current government of Turkey, a member of NATO. Add to that the fact that the Turks were mostly Muslims and the Armenians were mostly Christian. Another reason for Obama to remain quiet as not to offend his Muslim friends.

So there it is! Even being a celebrity does not count when it comes to religion or politics. The Kardashians have been Obama supporters from the beginning and only now are starting to realize that they have been used and fooled by him. So while @KimKardashian may be tweeting #NEVERFORGET, @BarackObama tweets #DUH! Such apologies or admissions are not on his agenda.

But will any of this stick to Obama? Or, should I say, to other celebrities? Will Hollywood still back Obama no matter how much damage he does to our nation and planet? Or will they just keep lavishing him with praise and money? As well as offering excuses on his behalf?

The op-ed piece written by Kim Kardashian to Barack Obama about the Armenian genocide will go nowhere. She can tweet #NEVERFORGET all day long but Obama doesn′t care. He hardly cares about the genocide of Christians going on today at the hands of ISIS-ISIL and other Islamic extremist groups. Not to mention the other atrocities practiced regularly by so-called ′Moderate′ Muslims′, such as honor killings and the abuse of women in general. That is two, maybe three, strikes against you, Kim! Might be time to join your transgender step-dad-mother and proclaim yourself a Republican!