Just yesterday, I vowed not to write any further articles about the new book by Peter Schweizer, ′Clinton Cash′, until there was something new to add. After all, Bill and Hillary Clinton have a long history of surviving scandals and allegations. But, this morning we have a flurry of news reports that point the way to potential problems for the Clintons, especially Hillary′s 2016 presidential campaign. In my somewhat twisted mind, I have to wonder if Hillary is waking up this morning and regretting that, ′I sure picked the wrong day to stop taking Quaaludes!′ So let us review the latest news…

The New York Times is reporting about a deal by a Russian energy company, Rosatom, which purchased a Canadian mining company, Uranium One, which also controlled about 20% of all uranium deposits in the United States. That despite objections by our Department of Defense and the CIA, the State Department approved the sale of Uranium One to the Russians while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. The NY Times also reports that millions of dollars were donated to the Clinton Foundation amid the negotiations by Russian and Canadian businesses. Plus, a Moscow bank with an interest in the deal paid Bill Clinton $500,000 to give a speech during this time period.

Another news service, Reuters, tells us this morning that some of the various Clinton charity organizations are refiling income tax statements for up to five years ago. That many of the 990 forms have errors, including both over and under statements of donation amounts. In addition, between 2010 through 2012, ZERO donations were listed from foreign governments. A very serious omission. In prior years, the Clinton Foundation often received amounts topping some $10.5 million dollars per year from foreign governments.

Over last weekend, Newsweek reported another suspicious transaction between an Ukranian company, Interpipe, owned by a long-time friend of the Clintons, Victor Pinchuk. Pinchuk appears to be the Number One individual donor to the Clinton charities, with over $6 million donated along with personal pledges for upwards of $20 million dollars. The Newsweek article alleges that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton may have looked the other way and not taken any action against Interpipe concerning allegations that they broke US sanctions on selling material to Iran.

Now, in my article yesterday, I left out the Newsweek story because Interpipe has publicly responded to the allegations and claim that Newsweek is in error. That Interpipe did not violate any US sanctions. Many who are experts in such legal matters do say that the sanction laws are poorly written and open to wide interpretation. So I left that one aside. But now that we have these additional allegations by the New York Times and Reuters, it does seem prudent to mention it when considering the pattern of possible misconduct by Hillary Clinton. For example, even the Newsweek article points out that if Hillary did fail to review the Interpipe dealings with Iran, she violated the policies of the Barack Obama administration. Just as in the case of not following Obama guidelines for the use of private email accounts.

Ah-Hah! Could this be the reason why the White House refused to give Hillary a 100% denial when the press questioned Josh Earnest about the ′Clinton Cash′ allegations? As many of you know, there has been a lot of rumors about animosity between the Clintons and the Obamas since 2008. Not long after the email scandal broke, there has been talk that Valerie Jarrett may have been the one leaking information to the press as payback to Hillary.

So, could the Obama machine be selling out Hillary Clinton with these latest charges of scandal? Team Clinton has been busy attacking Peter Schweizer, author of ′Clinton Cash′, calling him a partisan zealot, amongst other things. But, a new story this morning from the Washington Post indicates that Schweizer is working on another book, this time about Jeb Bush and possible money issues. Clinton ally, Howard Dean already began to give the new spin today on MSNBC ′Morning Schmoe′ saying that Schweizer is working for Texas oil billionaires whom are backing Sen. Ted Cruz. Oh, I get it! So Ted Cruz is going to steal the presidency from Hillary Clinton! Yeah, I suppose so, if he can steal the GOP nomination from Bush, Rubio, Rand, Walker and the other 21 or so candidates. NOT!

What is your take on these new reports about Bill and Hillary Clinton accepting donations and speaking fees from foreign governments and businesses? Is the dam beginning to weaken and flood gates open? Will a slow drip of allegations turn into a tsunami? Mind you, the new book, ′Clinton Cash′ by Peter Schweizer, still hasn′t started selling yet. Only a few people have read it and nobody has written a full review of it yet. But it is starting to look like the press, even the Liberal Media, realizes that they cannot look the other way and ignore the allegations building against Hillary Clinton and her 2016 presidential campaign. There is also a growing movement within the Democrat Party to seek out new candidates to challenge a Clinton coronation. Which all combine brings me back to the big question that Hillary may be asking herself this morning, ′Where are those damn Quaaludes?′