Barack Obama is celebrating Earth Day 2015 by burning tons of fossil fuels, flying down to the Florida Everglades to give another pointless speech about the lie known as man-made climate change. I′m sure he′ll probably get in a round of golf, too, while he′s at it! Over the weekend, Obama gave his typical radio/You-Tube address warning about man-made climate change, calling it the greatest threat to the planet. Not one word about another batch of Christians being murdered by Muslims. ISIS-ISIL beheaded a bunch and issued a new video on it. We also had some 12 Christians who were drown to death after being tossed overboard a ship of Libyan refugees, fleeing Muslim extremists. I guess it goes to show that even ′moderate′ Muslims don′t mind a little religious genocide now and then. The United Nations is now starting to call the murder of Christians a genocide, but not Obama. Well, Obama doesn′t think the Armenians were victims of genocide, either.

Of course, one could say that Earth Day was co-founded by someone who practiced a little murder of his own. Namely the radical environmentalist, Ira Einhorn. He hosted the first Earth Day rally in 1970 in Philadelphia. About seven yeas later, police raided his apartment and found the body of his ex-girlfriend, Helen Maddux, composting inside a trunk in his closet. Einhorn hooked up with Maddux, nicknamed Holly, around 1970 and they lived together for about 5 years. She dumped him and moved to New York City, but was coaxed back to pick up her belongings. Nobody saw her after that.

Some 18 months later in 1977, police responded to a call from Einhorn′s downstairs neighbor. The neighbor was complaining about a very smelly liquid that was seeping through the ceiling. When the Philadelphia cops investigated, they found Holly′s badly beaten and mummified body. Einhorn was arrested and charged with murder, but skipped bail and fled the United States. He ran from the law for 23 years until France finally gave him up and allowed his extradition. Ever the nut, Einhorn defended himself in court, claiming that the CIA killed his ex, but the jury wisely dismissed his excuse and found him guilty of murder. He currently is still in prison serving a life sentence.

Needless to say, many environmentalists claim that it was then Senator Gaylord Nelson, a Democrat from Wisconsin, who invented Earth Day. While Sen. Nelson did pen the bill naming April 22 as Earth Day, a better claim might be that of John McConnell, a long-time peace advocate who proposed the concept to the United Nations in 1969 and drafted a document, the Earth Day Proclamation in 1970. McConnell hosted the first Earth Day rally in San Francisco in 1970. Just another of many cities which held such a rally that year with about 20 million people attending them nationwide. While Einhorn and Nelson just claim to have originated Earth Day, McConnell was the one who actually conceived of it. Too bad that ′conception′ is a naughty word for Liberals.

So how will you celebrate Earth Day 2015? Fly across the country in a jumbo jet and play some golf? Or will you bake some multi-whole-grain bread and watch Barack Obama give another boring and lie-filled speech? Maybe you′ll munch on some clay to purge your body of toxins as many in Hollywood now do? There′s a Vitamix full of kale and kelp waiting for you somewhere! Or you could always go down to your local mosque and plot the genocide of more Christians. Obama won′t bother you there!