The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign for the 2016 White House run may be sailing into stormy seas. On May 5, a new book, ′Clinton Cash′, by Peter Schweizer, is set to be released to the public. Advanced copies have been given to the Washington Post, New York Times and the Fox News Channel. Already there appears to be plenty of smoke from a potential firestorm of allegations. Namely, that Bill and Hillary Clinton benefited financially during her time as Secretary of State, allegedly due to ′pay-to-play′ schemes involving foreign nations and businesses. The book claims that Bill Clinton received substantial sums for speaking engagements, far and above those he had been getting prior to his wife becoming Secretary of State. That she may have peddled influence on various policies and trade agreements in exchange for Bill′s fees as well as huge donations to the Clinton Foundation. But will any of this ′stick′?

That is always the fundamental problem when dealing with a pair of slippery characters like Bill and Hillary Clinton. They have a long history of covering their tracks well and deflecting scandal. So what makes this time any better for derailing the ambitions of the Clintons? When the New York Times gets suspicious and other Liberal media outlets wonder if the goose is getting cooked, then the Clintons have trouble.

Naturally, Team Hillary is trashing the book, even though none of them have read it yet. From the allegations being a conspiracy theory, or partisan attack, or just a typical, political distraction, seems to be their first line of defense. They also are attacking the messenger, Peter Schweizer, due to his connections with Republicans and the Conservative movement. But even the New York Times admits that in this case, his allegations are well documented and appear to be objective.

Several charges detailed in the book have been revealed, though some are old news. Such as Hillary′s brother, who sits on the board of a small company which recently won a lucrative gold exploitation contract from the nation of Haiti. The contract is only the second one ever issued with the first one some 50 years old. Was it a reward in connection to US assistance thanks to the State Department under Hillary? Who can say? Then we have Bill earning nearly half of the $105 million dollars in speaking fees he has collected while Hillary was the head of the State Department. Some nations and businesses paid him big bucks around the same time as they got some favor by way of our national foreign policy. Such as a free-trade agreement with Columbia which led to a huge donation to the Clinton Foundation from a businessman who greatly benefited from the agreement. One bank in Canada, for another example, which is involved in the Keystone XL pipeline deal, paid Bill $1 million dollars in speaking fees around the time that the State Department approved construction of the pipeline.

Suspicious timing? Certainly looks that way! But without some direct evidence, you can forget about any criminal prosecution. Some say that this could be the real reason why Hillary had her Internet server wiped clean, to delete any potentially incriminating emails. I′m sure that Benghazi had something to do with that, too, but even if Hillary was blamed for that, odds are it would not land her in jail. However, possible corruption charges could, especially if one could directly tie money to policy decisions.

If I happen to get a free copy of the new book, ′Clinton Cash′ by Peter Schweizer to review, then I may write about this again. But unless something solid and concrete is uncovered, my guess is that Bill and Hillary Clinton will walk away from these allegations scott-free. Sure, there appears to be a growing list of Liberal Democrats who are actively distancing themselves from Hillary. Some are even taking some jabs at her. The attempt by Hillary to embrace a populist platform is not playing well at all. The Press is starting to get mad about her keeping them at arm′s length. In many ways, Hillary should worry less about Republican rivals trashing her and focus more on critics from her own party. If anyone is going to derail Hillary for 2016, it will be them, not Conservatives nor the GOP.