This is my first post for so I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Roger Jewell. I am a lawyer (Native American Indian law), former newspaper reporter, author, and former private investigator. Now, I am running for President of the United States as a Republican in 2016. If you want more information, you can find some at my official website which is Please feel free to ask me questions on the issues and/or my background. or you can post them here. Thanks!

By the way, here are six of my budget proposals:

(1) Offer optional lump-sum buy-outs to some people who receive Social Security Disability, unemployment beneficiaries, and traditional Social Security;

(2) Offer optional lump-sum buy-outs in other programs as well;

(3) Pay homeless people to stay in hotels rather than mental hospitals (re-education camps); ($75.00 night for food, cab fares, and hotels versus $2,000.00 day hospital stays);

(4) Sell off Federal land and buildings;

(5) Cutting administrative and overhead costs in government programs without reducing benefits to those people receiving benefits under those programs; and

(6) Paying reparations to African American families of $20,000.00 per head of household resulting in diminished health care costs and government entitlement benefits, spurring the economy and creating jobs. Assist African Americans in entrepreneurship and starting businesses rather than receiving government benefits. ROGER JEWELL FOR PRESIDENT 2016