Hillary Clinton believes that if you are a CEO, you earn too much. Yep, of all people! Hillary Clinton, whom has been raking in some $250,000 per speech, thinks that CEOs make too much money. Hillary Clinton, who promises to raise some $2.5 Billion dollars to purchase the presidency, mostly from hedge fund and other Wall Street fat-cats, thinks CEOs are too greedy. Talk about hypocrisy! This from somebody who claimed she was broke after buying two houses for millions of dollars in some very exclusive neighborhoods. Oh, but she is just one of the common folk. If you believe that, I know a good deal on some ′bottom′ land in Florida…, ′bottom′ as in sink-hole!

Perhaps in Hillary′s case, I should call it a stink hole, as she stinks to high heaven, like any rotting fish. What is truly funny is how many Liberals have been chiding me, thinking that I′ll not have anything to write about once Barack Obama leaves office. Pretty much this whole week its been all Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. There is just so much wrong with her that writing a daily ′hit-piece′ is going to be really easy.

Take, for example, the report by the UK newspaper, the Daily Mail. Seems that the Hillary Clinton campaign not only is keeping a tight reign on press coverage of her ′roll-out′, but is also stacking the tiny audiences, too. I guess its hard to find six genuine small business owners to attend a round table conference with her. Or 22 students and teachers to a ′listening tour′ event at an Iowan college. Even getting the right sort to appear at an allegedly impromptu stop at a coffee shop has to be stacked. The Clinton campaign had to spend 30 minutes vetting attendees to make certain that they will go along with her phony schtick. Or bring in ringers, such as a former Obama campaign volunteer or one of Joe Biden′s former chauffeurs.

Hillary still has not answered a single question posed to her by an actual journ-o-list, usually shouting out their questions from behind a stack of boxes or some other distant locale. Spotting Madame Clinton at a Chipolte′s ordering a burrito has been akin to a Bigfoot sighting. Can we be certain if it is a chicken and bean burrito or might she be buying something else? Perhaps an experienced Sasquatch hunter can search for some Hillary scat to confirm what she′s eaten?

Hillary Clinton is the last person on Earth who should be criticizing a CEO for earning too much money. Its all about the bucks for Hilldog! Whether its her massive speaking fees, contributions from foreign nations and corporations to her family′s ′charity′ foundation, or her efforts to milk some $2.5 Billion from fat-cats for her run for the White House. Heck, Obama only needed $1 Billion dollars from hedge fund and banker types to get re-elected in 2012. I have to say, this has been a good week for the blogging biz. There will be no shortage of material with Hillary Clinton around.