Okay, so maybe there are not 5 million reasons why you should not vote for Hillary Clinton, but there are many! For the next 570-odd days until election day 2016, we′ll cover a whole bunch, believe you me! I could care less if we are getting to know the ′real′ Hillary Clinton because we have now seen her order a chicken and bean burrito. You do not have to look far to learn why she is a manipulative, egocentric liar who couldn’t run a lemonade stand, let alone a nation. So let us climb into the ′Way-Back′ machine and set the dials for 1969 as we begin our review. Hillary Rodham Clinton…, this is YOUR life!

Hillary Rodham graduated from Wellesley College in 1969. Her Bachelor of Arts honor′s thesis was entitled, ″THERE IS ONLY THE FIGHT…An Analysis of the Alinsky Model″ Hillary pays homage to Saul Alinsky, the Chicago-based Socialist who penned the guide book for revolution in America, ″Rules for Radicals″. Alinsky preached conflict by means of being an agitator who plays upon hostility. He wanted to harness anger by way of ″rub raw the resentments of the people″. For Alinsky, social change, or reform, was essentially a war, a violent struggle, fed by inflaming discontent. Hillary Rodham met and interviewed Alinsky several times while working on her thesis paper. They were so ′sympatico′ that he offered her a job! We′ve already had over 6 years of Alinsky-ism with Barack Obama. Do we want more of the same? Obama never even met or talked with Alinsky, so Hillary would be even worse.

Instead of going to work for Alinsky, Hillary Rodham decided to get a law degree from Yale. In 1973, at the age of 26, Hillary was hired by the House Select Committee investigating the Watergate break-in. Now, as many of you know, there is a story about how she was fired by her supervisor for being a liar and violating the rules of the Committee. As with many things surrounding Hillary, as well as just the Internet in general, that story may not be 100% true. While it cannot be proven, its cannot be disproved, either. There are two issues that we do know which can be verified. Hillary did support a legal position that would have denied Richard Nixon the right to legal consul. She was also among a group of Democrats who did not want Nixon to be impeached as they believed it would improve Sen. Ted Kennedy′s chances for a presidential run. Another point that was verified is that when she was let go from the Committee, she did not receive a letter of recommendation that she requested. So her supervisor did not think very much of her nor her ethics.

After that, Hillary lands in Arkansas with Bill Clinton in 1975. She does some legal aid work and teaches at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. This is when a judge appointed her to represent a rapist who had beaten and raped a 12-year old girl. Hillary tried to get relieved from the case, but was turned down. She used legal loopholes to force a psychological evaluation of the victim and tried to paint the young girl as one who often flirted with older men and fantasized about sex and romance. Hillary succeeded in arranging a plea bargain, which got the rapist just one year in jail rather than 30 years in prison. Is this the work of one who wants to ′champion′ the Middle Class? Hillary admitted later that she knew her client was guilty and had no problem trying to slander the victim to win the case.

So there are three reasons why not to vote for Hillary Clinton and we haven′t even gotten to the Rose Law Firm yet! Nor her days as First Lady at the White House. Yes, there are many, many reasons why Hillary Rodham Clinton is unfit to be president. In the coming days and months, we will dig deeper and expose more of the Hillary you won′t see on MSNBC.