On the campaign trail in Monticello, Iowa, Hillary Clinton and her ′Scooby-Doo′ van arrived at the Kirkwood Community College. In what was supposed to be her first big event in her White House race bid, only 22 students and teachers were selected to attend. The rest of the college went on lockdown, confining students to their classrooms. More reporters attended the event than potential Iowa caucus voters. The whole thing was staged well beyond the point of absurdity.

And here I used to think that Barack Obama was the dumbest Democrat to ever run for president! Well, I guess this proves why Obama defeated Hillary Clinton, at least in part. Sure, he cheated in the caucus states. But Hillary has herself to blame for this awful start to her 2016 campaign run.

While Hillary tried to get ′folksy′ with Iowans, more bad news on the Clinton email scandal emerged. According to a New York Times report, Darrell Issa sent Hillary a letter back on December 13, 2012, asking her if she ever used any private email accounts for official, State Department business. Not only did Hillary not respond, identifying any personal accounts used, but she simply didn′t respond, period! Seven weeks later, she left the office and it was months after that until the State Departed replied to Issa, only to supply him with a copy of their email policy. Which, as we all know now, Hillary Clinton violated.

Clinton′s sagging poll numbers continue to decline judging from a new poll by Bloomberg released on April 3rd. Not only does some 53% think she definitely lied about her emails, but even amongst Democrats, she dropped from 52% whom would vote for her back in 2013 to just 42% now. She scored even worse among Independents and Republican voters.

So is it any wonder that Hillary Clinton is cruising the countryside in her blacked-out, Scooby-Doo van, avoiding the ′little people′? That her first, highly staged event consisted of just 22 voters in Iowa? That she had the college lock up the rest of the student body so they could not get close to her? Yeah, Hillary Clinton wants to be ′The Champion′ of the Middle Class! Only if she can avoid them in the process as they must be too folksy for her million-dollar tastes. I′ll say this, my level of worry about her getting elected dropped about 10 points yesterday! If America does vote her into the White House, then we are certainly doomed.