Appearing before a cheering crowd of thousands at the Freedom Towers in Miami, Florida, Senator Marco Rubio announced his 2016 presidential campaign bid. His prepared speech was delivered well, highlighting his humble beginnings and an eye to the future of America. A future that does not need the politics of yesterday, namely the policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Policies of utter failure! Rubio, on the other hand, is the fresh face with fresh ideas behind it. Marco Rubio believes that his leadership is what is needed for occupying the White House in order to put the United States back on track towards a brighter future.

Of course, Rubio has his dis-tractors. Not only from the Far Left, who fear his Hispanic roots, but also from some on the Right. Many in the Tea Party question Rubio′s stances on key issues, such as immigration reform, though in 2010, they supported him in his bid to win the Senate seat. Then there are those who are cautious about another first-term senator sitting in the Oval Office with no, or limited, executive experience. We′ve had over 6 years of that with Obama and America has gotten worse, not better. There is little hope that Obama′s remaining time will improve his legacy.

But, unlike Obama, Rubio actually has done genuine work in the U.S. Senate. Marco has submitted bills and has worked both across the aisle and across the legislature, dealing with the House of Representatives. Likewise was Rubio′s time in the Florida State government. Whereas Obama just functioned as a rubber stamp for the Illinois political machine, Marco Rubio has run contrary to the state’s establishment on a few occasions. In fact, Rubio was such a bright and innovative fellow, he rose very quickly in Florida and became Speaker of the House in his second, full-term.

I have to say that the more I read about Rubio and his ideas, the more appealing is he to me. For starters, he does support replacing the current income tax system with a flat tax. Last year, Rubio proposed replacing the Earned Income Tax Credit system with what he called a ′federal wage enhancement′ which would amount to the same as the EITC, except that it would come in the way of monthly checks to help struggling workers. On social issues, he supports the Right to Life and he gets good grades overall from both the American Conservative Union and the NRA. On foreign policy, Rubio views Islamic extremism as the Number One threat to world peace. Not the phony issue of man-made ′climate change′.

Am I endorsing Marco Rubio for the 2016 presidential race? Not quite yet! But I will say that out of the three Republican senators whom have declared their White House bids, Rubio is certainly the most electable in a general election. Probably more electable than Jeb Bush when he decides to make it official. Sure, Marco has some baggage, don′t they all? But he doesn′t have one-tenth of the skeletons Hillary Clinton has stashed in her closet. Elections these days are largely image contests. If you had to spend the next 8-10 years watching Rubio or Clinton on TV everyday, whom would you rather see? A bright, fresh face like Marco Rubio? Or the sullen, worn-out, pudgy Hillary Clinton? The choice is obvious!