Hillary Clinton is to announce her presidential campaign run for 2016 today via Twitter. There will also be a video from her as well as a ′tweet′. She is expected to make a live appearance during the week in Iowa and New Hampshire. Some say that her goal is to upstage Marco Rubio, who is announcing his run for the White House this week. But it probably has more to do with the recent rental of office space for Hillary For America, which means that under FEC rules, she has to declare officially within 15 days. So why is Hillary Clinton just tweeting her announcement without an immediate, follow-up live appearance on Sunday? Is she afraid of facing questions by the press? Or are they having a hard time trying to arrange a venue with thousands of supporters?

Some new polling data by Quinnipac shows that Rand Paul is actually leading Hillary in 3 states, Colorado, Iowa and Virginia. Her overall numbers have been steadily declining in the past month. So while she could wait until summer before launching her campaign, Hillary Clinton needs to do something to rebuild her brand. At the rate she is going, Jerry Brown could beat her in a primary. Maybe even Joe Biden!

The polls show Hillary Clinton′s big worry is the trust factor. Folks simply do not trust her! Even in her own party she has issues. Joining earlier critics like O′Malley, Webb and Warren is Chucky Schumer, who took a swipe at her this week. Many Democrats think she is too cozy with Wall Street and still have not forgiven her for her Iraq War vote. There are the faithful, however. For example, Elle Magazine is sporting a cover of Chelsea Clinton with an interview inside.

So are you on the list to get a tweet from Hillary Clinton, announcing her presidential campaign on Twitter today? Are you ready for Hillary? The fun and games begins this week. Will she come off as her usual, annoying self? Will her cackle-laugh drive you to vote GOP? Or do you want another 4 or 8 years of a weak, idiot in the White House? The clock is now running!