So a Veterans Affairs hospital in Arkansas got an $8 Million dollar solar panel array under a Barack Obama ′green energy jobs′ program. Too bad that they never figured out how to turn the darn thing on for 2 years! Too bad that the VA is now tearing half of it down to make way for a parking lot! Too bad for us taxpayers who are footing the bills for such wild spending sprees! It seems that nearly everyday Obama does something so stupid, its hard to keep up with it all. Let us review this week′s ′Stupid Obama Tricks′…

On Monday, during the annual White House Easter Egg Hunt, children were screaming in fear when a horde of bees attacked them. Obama, ever the sympathetic, just told the kiddies to cool it. On Tuesday, Obama spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast and decided that it was prudent to insult Christians. On Wednesday, the Supreme Leader of Iran blasted tweets out again about how Obama lied about the alleged nuclear deal/plan/outline/whatever. He also added that Iran demands that all economic sanctions are lifted right from the start before one centrifuge is shutdown.

Speaking of the Iran deal, on Wednesday we also had an op-ed by Henry Kissinger and George Schultz, two former Secretary of States whom actually did accomplish something during their tenure, not just flew a million miles. During a press briefing on Thursday, State Department dumb-liar, Maria ′Barf′ Harf, said that the criticisms in the op-ed were ″too nuanced″ and that it contained ″a lot of big words″. While this may not directly be considered an Obama gaffe, it certainly reminds us as to just how stupid the dimwits are that surround Obama and advise him. Obama, himself, was on another golf vacation, rewarding his latest trashing of Christians. On Friday, Obama wasted his time and demeaned the Oval Office again with a weak phone call to Raul Castro, giving more legitimacy to a drug-dealing, ruthless dictator.

That was this week for Barack Obama. Which item frosts you the most? There are plenty to choose from! I′m sure I left a few out, too! Oh well, blame it on ′Watchathon′ as I spent some of this week catching up on the 4th season of ′Game of Thrones′. Obama sure makes fantasy more believable.