The celebratory bonfires were burning high in Durham, North Carolina last night after Duke University defeated Wisconsin in the 2015 NCAA basketball tournament. The Blue Devils edged out the Badgers by a score of 68 to 63. But if you want a real blow-out, Mitt Romney decimated Barack Obama in their NCAA brackets. Romney finished not only calling the Final Four and Duke to win it all, but his brackets were 99.89% accurate! An astronomical percentage given the odds. Obama barely got 48% correct, proving that his half-baked brain knows as little about basketball as he knows about any other subject.

Yeah, 48% is typically a failing grade back when math meant something. If you scored a 48 on a test, you usually got a big, red ′F′ on your work. Out of some 12 million ESPN fans who filed their brackets, Obama finished around 40.2%. Perhaps Obama′s mother-in-law was justified in her opinion about the wimpy man who married her daughter? A pitiful NCAA bracket may be proof that Barack Obama isn′t black enough? Seems that Mitt Romney may have Obama on that one, too! Who knew Mitt was such a wizard at picking winning basketball teams?

My goodness! 99.89%!!! That is just unbelievable! Here again, the cold, hard facts show that Americans choose poorly in 2012. The odds of filling out a perfect bracket are estimated to be 1 in 9.2 QUINTILLION!!! That means its about equal to what our National Debt will wind up being after 16 years of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Just joking, but if the shoe fits, its probably not far off the mark. As it is now, some estimate that our actual debt, including the mysterious realm of ′Commitments and Contingencies′, is anywhere from $65 Trillion dollars to a whopping $1 QUADRILLION or more!

So while Duke University celebrates winning the 2015 NCAA basketball tournament, the rest of America loses for not electing Mitt Romney. Not only did Mitt pick the Blue Devils to beat the Wisconsin Badgers, but his overall bracket was 99.89% accurate. Compared that to Barack Obama barely finishing at 40.2% on the ESPN fan challenge with being less than half right. That′s Obama for you. He′s only half of anything. Half a man. Half black. Half white. Half-baked. I could go on, but you get the idea.