At least 147 students were killed and hundreds wounded during a terrorist attack at the Kenya Garissa University College in Nairobi. The Islamic extremist group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility. Between four to ten Muslim terrorists stormed the college, targeting Christians. Many victims were asked what their religion was and those who claimed to be Muslims were forced to recite a prayer to prove their faith. Kenyan troops tracked down and killed four terrorists, each wearing a suicide bomb vest. In a statement issued by the Barack Obama White House, no mention was made of the victims being Christians nor that religion had anything to do with the attack.

So, once again, Islamic terrorism raises its ugly head and the Obama administration treats the event as if it were a ′random shooting′. Meanwhile, Christians, and Jews, are in peril throughout the world. The Garissa University had issued a warning a week ago that there was a danger of an attack. The day before, Wednesday, the president of Kenya, not Obama, discounted such rumors saying that Kenya was as safe as any other country. Considering how wrong he was, he sounds just like our Obama!

I can see now the headlines when Iran finishes building a nuclear weapon by the end of June as the so-called ′deal′ reaches yet another delayed deadline. The headline will read, ′ISRAEL WIPED OUT IN RANDOM NUKE ATTACK′. Maybe while the Obama administration is at it, they can fire a nuke themselves at Indiana to wipe out a Christian-owned pizza shop?

This world just keeps getting nuttier by the day with Barack Obama in the White House. When he′s not busy playing golf or chatting with late night comics, Obama can always come up with another excuse for skipping intelligence briefings and meetings with our former allies. Mind you, I do not blame Obama for the massacre at the Kenya university. But I certainly blame him for once again attempting to muddy the waters by not acknowledging the attack for what it truly is. Islamic terrorism aimed at Christians. Something to ponder as we enter one of the most important holy days for Christianity.