The Iran nuclear talks deadline passed yesterday, but all parties are still in Lausanne, Switzerland to continue negotiations. Iran has been backing down from several proposed requirements, the latest being sending its refined uranium to Russia. The Barack Obama administration seems bound and determined to ink a deal, any deal, even a bad one. John Kerry remains in Lausanne but the talks are breaking down and appear to have reached an impasse. As it stands now, the proposed deal would do little to end an Iranian nuclear weapons program and would most likely spark an arms race amongst several other Middle Eastern nations. Adding to the problems at the talks is the chaos in Yemen, where Iran′s surrogates are spreading mayhem, so much so that the Saudi′s are stepping up airstrikes. A new, multinational Gulf War seems inevitable.

The Obama White House continues to argue against imposing tougher sanctions on Iran and to defend extending the deadline for Iran. Tehran is playing Obama for the fool that he is. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to warn the world, especially the United States, on Iran′s nuclear ambitions. According to the Associated Press as of this morning, negotiators from three of the six nations conferring with Iran have left the talks. While Iran says that a ′statement′ on an outline for a deal is still possible, others doubt it.

So is Barack Obama ready to sell out the world and allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons just to have any deal, even a bad deal for his legacy? The prospects for this outcome grow as the Iran nuclear talks passed its deadline yesterday. With the Middle East aflame with terror and chaos across the region, the Obama foreign policy has become an utter disaster. Some say it is in free fall as Yemen is on the brink of a total collapse.