Last night on AMC-TV was the Season 5, Episode 15 of ′The Walking Dead′ entitled ′Try′. Rick Grimes and his group of survivors have begun to function inside the walls of the sustainable, planned community of Alexandria. But, as we saw, Alexandria is a dysfunctional community which has made it so far through the Zombie Apocalypse by sheer luck. Most of the inhabitants are ill-equipped to deal with the world around them outside the walls. Some even cannot handle the safe life within. Dr. Pete is a wife-beater, and along with abusing his wife Jessie, may also be hurting his younger son, Sam. Rick has a thing for Jessie and is ready to kill Pete. So far, Rick has only verbally threatened him with his ′keep walking′ quip until physical blows were traded as Jessie asked Pete to move out of their home.

Spoilers for next Sunday′s Season 5 finale show that Alexandia′s leader, Dianna, appears ready to exile Rick. But Maggie lets Dianna know that she may be misjudging the situation. We also see Crazy Carol, my favorite character, threaten Pete with her Suzy-Homemaker trench knife. First Carol made young Sam wet himself, now she made Dr. Pete squirm like the worm he is. Like father like son? Maybe as Pete′s bad attitude has certainly turned Sam into a little monster.

Sad to see the season coming to an end. But we are promised much blood next Sunday and not all of it from the walkers. Who will die next? The cowardly Nicholas? Wacky Sasha? Do Daryl and Aaron run into trouble from whomever is marking walkers with a ′W′ on the foreheads? I′m presuming that they are The Wolves, the gang who ransacked and slaughtered the folks at Noah′s old home near Richmond. Okay, I′ll confess to having some knowledge thanks to the graphic novels, which are about a season or so ahead of the story arc.

We saw last night that Sasha is coming unglued, but perhaps in a necessary way. Especially since there seems to be a sharp increase in walker activity. While Rick and Pete were beating each other, Sasha was busy in the church steeple sniping away at walkers along the wall. Her earlier hunting expedition in the episode also showed her state of mind. Sasha is restless and feels the need to fight back and end the apocalypse in her own way. To kill every walker herself.

As we viewed last week in ′Spend′, most of the group has adjusted to their new digs in Alexandria. But reducing their threat level turned out to have tragic consequences. One of Dianna′s two sons, Aden, died and caused the death of Noah and near death of Tara as Aden misled the foraging team. Tobin nearly cost the life of Francine until Abraham stepped up and took on a herd of walkers single-handed. The Alexandrians need Rick′s group as they know how to survive. Then last night, we find out that Dianna has known all along that Dr. Pete has been abusing his wife and children. She vetoed Rick′s sound suggestion of killing Pete simply because Pete is a surgeon. Dianna, a congresswoman prior to the apocalypse, is inclined to compromise and allow for Pete to do as he pleases because of his profession.

Unlike Dianna, Rick has seen it all before. He evolved from Season 1 playing the role of sheriff and faced moral dilemmas multiple times. From nearly being killed by his best friend, Shane, to facing the Governor, then the cannibals of Terminus, Rick tried being normal before back at the prison. Meanwhile, the constant threats posed more so by other humans than walkers keeps sucking Rick back to being a neck-biting, bad-ass who will kill anyone who threatens his family.

So how did you like Episode 15 of Season 5 of ′The Walking Dead′? Did ′Try′ make you want to try to fit in with the lightweight-know-nothings of Alexandria? Or is it too late and better to be more like Carol or Sasha? Will Rick pay for his actions against Dr. Pete? Or will new conditions, such as a herd of walkers with Ws on their foreheads, change Dianna′s mind? If Daryl and Aaron get back to Alexandria in time, Dianna may realize that she needs Rick far more now than ever before to hold ′The Wolves′ at bay.