Barack Obama is unhappy with Benjamin Netanyahu. So Obama told The Huffington Post in an interview published Saturday. The White House seems generally displeased that the Prime Minister of Israel was reelected, especially in what amounted to a landslide victory. The Obama administration has a long, checkered history of being unfriendly to Israel. Now, we are even apparently agreeing to a new United Nations ′study′ that claims Israel has the worst record concerning the treatment of women as a nation. But then, Obama rarely speaks any criticism about Israel′s neighbors, many of whom prohibit women from driving, leaving home without their husband’s permission, enslaving women, forcing girls as young as 8 years old to marry, or mutilating their genitalia. Obama did wish the people of Iran, whose government practices much anti-woman policies, a happy Nowruz, though. Nowruk, Mubarack! Why does Obama hate Israel?

Obama might be sore about Netanyahu′s campaign rhetoric about no deal on turning over the West Bank or the city of Jerusalem to the so-called Palestinians. Many forget that it was Obama, himself, that called for a return to the 1967 borders, which would force Israel to give up a significant portion of their country. But I suspect that the real reason has more to do with the current state of the nuclear talks with Iran. Obama wants a deal to hang on his ′legacy tree′. He needs something to show that his 8 years in office were not totally wasted.

If Obama′s legacy depends on Iran then the game is over. While John Kerry is still talking about progress being made in the nuclear talks, the reality is that the talks have stalled. Even France, which is part of the multilateral negotiations, is playing a harder line than we are. Maybe because Islamic terrorism is on the rise there that the French have realized the need to be tough. Not to bend over and act like some squishy-sissy that has become the trademark of Obama foreign policy.

This morning, news comes that we have had to pull out our last contingent of military advisers from Yemen due to the deterioration of the situation there. Another failure for Obama who had called Yemen a ″success″ just months ago, before Iranian-backed terrorists took our former ally over. Just weeks ago, as Obama was making nice to Iran, they were conducting naval exercises attacking a mock-up of an American aircraft carrier. Now, as we still try to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran, their top religious leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is busy on Twitter saying ′Death to America′ and already pledging that not abide to any deal. Under Sharia Law, treaties with infidels do not have to be honored.

Barack Obama is grasping at straws criticizing Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama is jealous of Netanyahu, because Bibi is a real man who knows that Iran is a threat to the world. So I doubt if Obama wished Bibi a Happy Nowruz Mubarack this week. Heck, even the Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted that Obama′s video address to the Iranian people was ″insincere″. I′m sure they figure that the only Americans who celebrated Nowruz was probably Obama and his handler, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. I tell ya, it just gets sillier every day with Obama. He is embarrassing our country more and more. Even Charlie Sheen has had enough of Obama! That′s pretty bad.