King Papa Doc Barack Obama now wants mandatory voting just as in North Korea. This guy simply can′t keep his big mouth shut! Almost every day, Obama says something new that is so ludicrous, one has to consider just how sane he might be. Now Obama is talking about mandatory voting, thinking that such would have prevented the Democrats from losing the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. He claims that the poor don′t vote enough. When did Obama ever care about the poor? Certainly not lately! This year, 7 taxes dealing with Obamacare take effect, targeting those who earn less than $25,000 per year. So much for Obama saying he has never raised taxes on the poor and middle class. He also shut down an IRS program for assisting the poor in filing tax returns, redistributing the funds to Democrat organizations, many of which evolved from his old favorite, ACORN.

Sure, they have mandatory voting in ′democracies′, like Australia, Belgium, etc. But, they also have fines if you don′t vote. In Australia, if you fail to vote, you are charged a $50 fine. How about that for the poor, huh? Forced to pay $50 if they don′t vote. Apparently, Democrats paying people to vote is not working out well enough. As we all know, in most cities controlled by Democrats, they often spread around ′street money′ during elections. Picking up voters and driving them to the polls, then buying them a lunch and some beer. Sometimes they actually do pay cash, but the free lunch deal is less illegal.

Of course, what Obama really wants with mandatory voting is the ′transformative′ impact moving us one step closer to a single party rule. Just think how much easier it would be on the electorate if they only had one choice to vote for. Naturally, your only option would be to vote for a Democrat. Or should I say, a Communist?

No, Barack Obama is all wet with his mandatory voting scheme. This is just another attempt to turn America into a Socialist state. If you really wanted to improve the quality of our political leadership, then we should restrict voting to only those citizens who actually contribute to society. Meaning those who pay taxes. Thanks to the Democrats, half the country pays nothing and gets what the other half produces after the government steals it from the productive. The only aspect of mandatory voting that might be good, which Obama would fear, is that such a system would necessitate mandatory voter ID checks. How could the dead and illegal immigrants vote then? I′m sure Obama will come up with some solution.