On Thursday, both Barack and Michelle Obama flew to LAX to appear on TV shows in Burbank, California. Barack was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live while Michelle appeared on Ellen DeGeneres. Their daughters flew out with Michelle. Yes, America′s ′First Couple′ flew to California separately, costing us taxpayers over a million dollars. By my estimate, the travel costs alone for just Barack′s flight aboard Air Force One was over a million, so the whole package for both to fly separately was probably closer to $5 Million or so, when you add it all up. Even that may be a low-ball figure.

Imperial arrogance or was there a real need? Given that Michelle and the kids flew four hours later than Barack, I would have to say Imperial arrogance. The White House claims that the First Couple′s schedules were ′not in sync′. Well, La-Di-Da! Isn′t that just too bad! Obviously, a rational, thoughtful president and First Lady would have flown together. Or maybe even not at all! Was it so important for Barack to appear with Kimmel and read ′mean tweets′? Or for Michelle to dance with Ellen? Was there no other important matters to deal with? Like maybe speaking out against ISIS-ISIL butchering children or selling young girls as sex slaves?

I do not know what sort of aircraft Michelle and the First Daughters flew on, but we know how Papa-Doc Barack rolls. Not one, but two Boeing 747s, as a back-up Air Force One always flies along with the designated jet. At over $250,000 per hour for each 747, a flight to the West Coast is closer to $3 Million just with those two gas-guzzlers. Plus, we have several large, military transport jets which carry helicopters and many of the usual 30-vehicle motorcade cars that turn any city′s streets into traffic nightmares for locals. Talk about carbon footprints! If Obama really wanted to cut down America′s CO2 emissions, he would go along way in doing so just by staying home and doing some real work instead of pretending to be a late-night comic.

I know, its all sour grapes because George W. Bush went to Crawford, Texas, so often. Of course, the difference there being that Bush went to his actual home where he actually still did the nation′s work from. More often than not bringing along foreign dignitaries or Congressional leaders to discuss business. So much for the only talking point the Liberals have on this subject.

Are you outraged by the lack of fiscal responsibility practiced by the Barack Obama administration? Is the White House wasting taxpayer dollars just so the Barack and Michelle Obama can appear on TV shows? Or do you suspect that the Obama family is flying separately due to marital strife between Barack and Michelle? If there is such, are we taxpayers enabling a bad marriage?