Those of us who watched Hillary Clinton try to explain away her email scandal at the United Nations on Wednesday with any objectivity can only draw one conclusion – she is absolutely nuts! Seriously, some 30,000 of her emails were about planning Chelsea′s wedding or yoga lesson appointments? Do you honesty believe Hillary is into yoga? Yeah, I can see from her physique that yoga is doing her a lot of good! Her excuse about exchanging emails with her husband, Bill Clinton, is said to be false by a Clinton aide as Bill has only sent two emails his entire life. Both while he had been president, before buying a private server. So, faster than you can trend #porchdick, can you answer this question, who is crazier? Hillary Clinton or Carol from ′The Walking Dead′?

Obviously, the answer is Hillary Clinton, as she is a real person and Carol Peletier, played by Melissa McBride, is merely a fictional character. Ah, but what a character! In some ways, Carol and Hillary are similar. Both were abused wives. Carol′s husband, Ed, used to beat her often until the zombie apocalypse. Shortly after she was liberated when Ed was killed by zombies, Carol went through the trauma of losing her only daughter, Sophie. For some time, Carol drifted, taking most of Season 2 and 3 to regroup and become ′Kick-Butt-Carol′, who saved the gang, single-handed, from the cannibals at Terminus. Hillary was abused by Bill, humiliated often by his philandering. She is no angel, either, fibbing her way through several scandals in the 1990s.

This past Sunday, in the Season 5 episode ′Forget′, Carol was caught by young Sam, the younger son of Alexandria resident, Jessie, stealing handguns from the storage building. He followed her in hopes that she would be baking more cookies. Carol offered to bake him all the cookies he wants, so long as he doesn′t tell his mommy about stealing guns. Sam tells his mom everything, which then led Carol to warn him that if he does inform on her, he will wake up one morning tied to a tree outside the town′s defenses and be eaten alive by zombies. How he′ll scream as they tear away his flesh and nobody will ever hear from him again.

That′s pretty crazy! Scaring the pee out of some little boy with a tale of horrible death. But that′s our Carol for ya! Hillary Clinton is scary, too! Just imagine her in the White House. I′m not sure how much better, or worse, than she would be than Barack Obama, but I would not want to find out. Even Time Magazine is scared of her, subtly putting her yoga-enhanced silhouette on their cover, perfectly aligned with the letter ′M′, such that Hillary has devil′s horns. Hmm, the site of Hillary Clinton doing yoga would be pretty scary, too!

So how crazy is Hillary Clinton? Crazy enough to think she can get away with her new email scandal. She′s in hot water on this one on at least 3 or 4 points. When she first became Secretary of State, she had to sign a document affirming that she would comply with the federal records act. When she left the office, she had to sign another document as well on compliance. Both should be part of the public record and the State Department is stonewalling their release. Then there is the matter of sending AND/OR receiving classified material through her private email account. There is also the matter of what emails were deleted from her server. If just one was part of her job, then that, as well as the previous issues, are federal felonies. Nobody will keep quiet just for a load of cookies Hillary may promise to bake.