Oops! When Barack Obama appeared on CBS News this past Sunday, he claimed that he only learned about Hillary Clinton not using a government email account when the story broke some 11 days ago. On Monday, White House Fibber, Josh Earnest, told reporters at the daily briefing that Obama knew about it long before. Once again, we get conflicting stories from the Obama administration on what Obama knew and when he knew it. This begs the question, was he lying on CBS or are they lying now?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it seems that 55,000 pages of emails is not big enough! The Congressional Benghazi committee has reviewed them and not only are there no emails concerning the terrorist attack on our consulate in Libya, resulting in the death of four Americans, including the first ambassador to be murdered since the Carter administration, but there are many gaps. Some gaps last for days, such as when Hillary flew to Libya a year before the Benghazi attack, other gaps in the emails go on for weeks, even months.

The Benghazi trip gap is of some significance as we have a photo of Hillary Clinton on board a C-17 transport, wearing sunglasses while she uses her Blackberry. She had even used this very photo as her ′profile picture′ on some social media accounts. So, we know that Hillary had her ′personal device′ with her on the 3-day trip. However, there are no emails from that period of time among the 55,000 pages of emails released so far by Ms. Clinton. Did she not send any email during those three days? What was she doing in the photo? Playing a game of Zelda or Candy Crush? I wonder why she was wearing sunglasses? Was the screen on her Blackberry that bright?

This is what happens when you lie. Things get messy and complicated and eventually unravel. The truth is usually very simple and needs no follow up. Sure, sometimes the truth is weird, as Sherlock Holmes would attest to. But this whole Hillary Clinton email account business is pretty cut-and-dry. She did not want to use a government email account because Hillary Clinton is paranoid and did not want any digital trail about what she was up to. This is why she went the extra length of using her own server and not a third party account like Gmail. Hillary wanted full control of her communications. She deliberately avoided complying with the federal laws for archiving data passed in 2009. She also failed to turn over any work-related emails in a timely fashion when she left office, even though she apparently signed a document stating that she did.

Clinton allies and some Democrats are trying to spin away this scandal saying that its just another baseless, Republican witch hunt. Well, let us recall another recent, baseless, witch hunt, the Valerie Plame investigation. A federal prosecutor spent years going after Dick Cheney and Karl Rove in an effort to accuse them of outing Ms. Plame as a CIA employee. The witch hunt went after anyone in the White House and poor Scooter Libby went to prison merely because he claimed that he forgot some minor detail when interviewed by the FBI. The offense had NOTHING to do with Ms. Plame, since, as we learned much later, the federal prosecutor knew all along who the real culprit was, Richard Armitage, the Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell. George W. Bush, in an effort to not look like he was playing favorites or acting unethically, did not even consider granting Libby a pardon when Bush left office.

Just one week before the Hillary Clinton email scandal surfaced, we had another story about how nations and corporations made donations to the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation totally over a billion dollars. These donations all seemed to be timed just after Hillary performed some service on their behalf while as Secretary of State. Coincidence or suspicious? Her emails might shed some light on these activities, had she complied with the records law. As they say, ′Follow The Money′! This scandal is still in its early stages and could easily blow up into a super storm. Such a storm might even cause some climate change within the Democrat Party, allowing other potential candidates to run against a wounded Hillary in the 2016 primaries.