According to a report by two actual journalists, Stephen Hayes and Thomas Joscelyn of The Wall Street Journal, Barack Obama lied in 2012 about how Al Qaeda had been decimated and being ′on-the-run′. The Obama administration painted a rosy picture as the presidential race was going into full swing. The White House cherry picked documents, including some captured during the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden, as proof that Al Qaeda had been crippled. But the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, DIA, Lt. General Mike Flynn, tells a different story. That Al Qaeda was still growing and spreading in 2012. Despite Obama limiting access to the captured documents, those who did see them knew that Obama was lying. Al Qaeda had doubled in size!

So here we go again. Is there no end to the massive fibbing we get from the Obama White House? Only about two dozen of some 1.5 million documents were released by Obama for public consumption. But when others gained access to them, in some cases over a year after the bin Laden raid, a totally different picture emerges. Such as, how in 2010, Pakistan was actually negotiating a deal with the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Or how Iran allowed Al Qaeda to operate, permitting them to travel through Iran and serve as a base for attacks planned elsewhere. Something that might prove to be a fly in the ointment of any potential nuclear deal with Iran, had we a political leadership that truly cared about world peace.

Are you surprised that Obama lied about Al Qaeda being decimated in 2012? Does this guy ever tell the truth about anything? Would Obama even know the truth if it landed on his lap? Or does Obama see the truth more as bird droppings, spoiling his clean-cut appearance, even those well-creased pants? Should he do us all a favor and just crawl under a rock and keep his mouth shut for the next two years? It amazes me that some people still believe in Obama. The fools…, the mad fools.