Forget about the ′Grandma′ excuse! People might have been able to give Hillary Clinton and her email scandal a pass had she been using conventional email accounts and addresses. Like Google Mail or whatever email account from whoever is her Internet service provider. But now we learn that Hillary had her own server in her home. Probably stored in the same closet with her Rose Law Firm files and cattle future trades. Who would have thought that Hillary Clinton is a tech guru? I can see her now, stringing CAT-5 cables through her home! Maybe Bill drilled a hole in the wall to run the T-1 line into the house? This email scandal is starting to look far more messy. Might this derail her run for the White House in 2016?

Speaking of the White House, they seem to be throwing Hillary under the bus, releasing a statement that all cabinet heads were advised in 2009 about the new federal archiving law which took effect that year. The law required that all government employees only use their official government email accounts when conducting business. Within the State Department, a memo was circulated stating the same. So Hillary cannot claim ignorance of the law on this matter.

Hillary is her own worst enemy. No need for any ′vast, right-wing conspiracies′. So far, her responses to the Hillary Clinton email scandal have only made her look more deceitful and suspicious. On Twitter, she claims that she has approved public release of her emails. My favorite State Department bimbo, Maria Harf, barfed that 55,000 is a ″big number″. Not really when you discount Maria′s confusion between 55,000 actual emails and 55,000 pages worth of emails. One email being replied to back and forth could wind up totaling dozens of pages. And each reply by itself keeps rolling up the count.

Hillary has also been busy attempting to deflect the email scandal, raising the issue of equal pay for women again. Good thing Maria Harf doesn′t work for the Clinton Foundation or else she would only make 62 cents in salary to every dollar earned by male employees. If Maria is lucky, and can find a job in the private sector, she might earn 95 cents to a man′s dollar. I sort of doubt that any private business would hire Ms. Harf due to her sheer stupidity.

So is the Hillary Clinton email scandal just another sign of what slippery characters she and Bill are? Would you hire Hillary to set up a ′home-brew′ email server at your house? Is Hillary some IT genius? Will we see her next running CAT-5 cable with Jimmy Carter as they build homes for the poor? Or, is this more evidence that she cannot be trusted? How about her brother trying to exploit an earthquake in Haiti to mine for gold? Gold mining or data mining? Which would you prefer?